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Spinners & Carousels for Australian Playgrounds Projects

Colourful, funky designs and unique, exciting sensations make spinners and carousels a favourite for many children in playgrounds. At adventure+, we offer a variety of playground spinner and carousel designs across Australia that cater to children of all ages and abilities.  

The simple action of spinning also provides a range of surprising physical and cognitive benefits for kids, helping them develop a sense of balance, timing and coordination while refining and testing all their senses. 

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Playground Carousel Designs

Our playground carousel designs include the eye-catching orbit carousel and meteor carousel. Designed for multiple users, children can propel the spinning motion themselves by turning the disc at the centre of the carousel. Meanwhile the Gforce carousel design is both a sitting and standing playground spinner, providing versatile fun for multiple children.

Inclusive Carousel Playground Equipment

Another design, the velocity carousel, features a large diameter of 1.27 metres, allowing multiple children to stand, sit and even lie down on the flat surface as it spins, supporting greater accessibility. The galaxy wheelchair carousel is another inclusive piece of carousel playground equipment that allows for wheelchair access but is equally fun for all playground users.

Comet Playground Spinner

This unique single user standing playground spinner features a curved pole at the centre to help children achieve a spinning momentum. The comet spinner engages both the body and mind as it takes some exploration and practice to figure out how to achieve a spinning rhythm and maintain it.

Rotanet Climbing Spinner

Perfect for those looking for a unique addition to their playground project, the rotanet is both a carousel and climbing structure. Featuring a pyramid style centre mast rope structure, the rotanet provides endless fun and stimulation. Older children love the challenge of climbing a structure that also rotates.

Find the Perfect Playground Spinner for Sale Australia-Wide

At adventure+, you can find a wide range of spinners, carousels and other exciting pieces of playground equipment. Whether for schools, local parks, commercial spaces or developments, we help clients across Australia with exciting custom playground projects. Call our team today on 1300 237 587 or contact us online to enquire about a playground spinner for sale.


Eclipse Inclusive Carousel

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Velocity Carousel

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Meteor Carousel

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Galaxy Wheelchair Carousel

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