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Innovative Design Solutions for Australian Swing Sets

Children of all ages, from toddlers to high school students, love feeling the sense of flying on a swing set. This timeless playground staple benefits children’s physical and cognitive health and development. It’s a great way for kids to have fun while getting the exercise their brains and bodies need. adventure+ proudly provides a fantastic range of playground swings for different age groups and applications across Australia, and we would be happy to help with your next project.

Our Range of Swings for Australian Playgrounds

If you’re looking for a robust range of swings with unique design elements and customisable options, adventure+ is perfect for you. We have a fun and colourful selection of high-quality swings available for commercial installation to elevate children’s play to the next level.

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Nest Swings

The nest swing is an increasingly popular addition to any playground. Featuring a large, netted seat, multiple children can enjoy the unique shared experience of swinging together on a big seat. Nest swing systems from adventure+ may be paired with other swing seats and play equipment as required, coming as part of a single wooden swing set or a larger metal community swing structure.

Multi-Directional Swings 

Kids can enjoy a new level of novelty, fun and excitement when you add multi-directional swings to your playground. Mounted from a single point, these swings are great for shared, cooperative play, where several children can enjoy the sensation of swinging in different directions. Our cutting-edge design approach ensures the perfect balance of fun and safety in these unique outdoor playground swing systems.

ELC Swings 

Available in a variety of seat styles and suspension heights, our ELC swings are specifically designed for early learning centres. From baby seats to nest swings, adventure+ ELC swing solutions cater to toddlers and younger children. From a metal playground swing set to a wooden swing set, we provide swing frames in a range of designs constructed with a bearing attachment point. This way, attachments can be moved or taken on and off as required.

Community Swings 

Designed for community play, our community swing sets come in a wide variety of arrangements with multiple swings on a single frame. Options include the classic 2 swings on a single frame and more unique designs such as our pentagon frame metal playground swing structure with 5 swings.  

Note: adventure+ specialises in commercial playground solutions and does not supply equipment for domestic purposes.

Discover the Best Outdoor Swing Frames Across Australia

adventure+ playground swings are known for quality, safety and innovative design features. Call 1300 237 587 or contact us online to learn more on swing sets and playground equipment designs for local schools, parks and more.

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Enclosed Toddler Swing Seat with Chains


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