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The Grange Reserve


3, 2, 1 Blast off!

Located in Clayton South, The Grange Reserve play space is a popular local park that both community and tourists enjoy. The existing wooden playground was due for renewal, and it seemed only fitting to replicate the theme imparted by the nearby famous Westfall UFO. To achieve the theme, a rocket ship unit was incorporated into the design of the new playspace.

Project Overview

Clayton South, Vic

Client: City of Kingston

Rocket ship themed play structure to complement a space themed park

Adventurous and imaginative play

The rocket ship tower stands 5 metres tall and features round platforms and a shaped cone roof to give its distinctive rocket shape. Unlike run-of-the-mill playgrounds, this themed design fuels the child’s creativity and sense of play by having children imagine being in a spaceship. The play space also includes numerous climbing and balance activities that create a path from one side of the playground to the rocketship tower.

Project Showcase - The Grange Reserve6

Customisable concept to suit the project

A part of brief provided by City of Kingston was to create a playground design that stood out and was challenging, while meeting a tight budget. As a result, we used an adventure+ concept from another project and customised it to suit the theme and exact requirements of the client.

Project Showcase - The Grange Reserve5

Fun for all ages

The play equipment was carefully designed to cater for both older and younger children. While the tower and more challenging nets are loved by older children, less challenging elements such as the shop counter and Velocity Carousel are perfect for junior children.

The completion of The Grange Reserve playground project has proven to be a hit with children of all ages.

The UFO themed park was designed in honour of an event that took place on the morning of April 6, 1966 when at least 90 students and teachers witnessed three ‘flying saucers’ hovering over their school oval.

City of Kingston
Project Showcase - The Grange Reserve7

Products used

Special design spectum+ rocket ship play unit

This project includes a spectrum+ special design rocket ship play unit that utilises powdercoated steel as the main structural element.

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Comet Spinner

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Velocity Carousel

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