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Durable Playground Climbing Cubes

Exciting, Challenging and Safe Adventures with Our Durable Climbing Cube.

Climbing cubes are fundamental fixtures in any playground. Children have the natural desire to climb and explore their surroundings, and climbing cubes provide them with the freedom and confidence to take their play time to greater heights. At adventure+, our climbing cube offers challenging climbing adventures that enable kids to traverse to new heights.

Exciting Safe and Challenging Climbing Cube

Our climbing cube is made of a combination of nets, heavy duty metal and HDPE materials that create varying levels of challenges and routes of travel for children. Designed to enhance physical skills and social interaction during active play, the cube provides a great place for kids to gather and play during breaks.

Climbing Cube Range

Discover our large range of playground climbing cubes suited to a range of budgets and site sizes.

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Benefits of a climbing cube in your playground

When children climb, they exercise their arms, legs and backs – building upper body, lower body and core strength. Climbing also increases heart rate and improves agility, balance, cardiovascular health and hand-eye coordination. As children work to figure out how to physically navigate the climbing cube, they also develop their problem solving skills.

Furthermore, climbing contributes to the benefits of sensory play by stimulating the visual, vestibular, tactile and proprioception senses. When children climb the cube, their muscles activate to pull against gravity and integrate with the visuals they see and textures they feel while climbing. This allows them to effectively navigate the world and relate to the objects in their surroundings.

Exciting Safe and Challenging Climbing Cube

Why choose our climbing cube?

Whether you are looking for playground equipment for a school, early learning centre or a local park, the Climbing Cube is a great option that provides massive amounts of play value. But play value and a challenging play piece isn’t the only reason for your to select a climbing cube. Like all play equipment manufactured by adventure+, the equipment is only constructed from the best quality materials and is made to conform with the Australian Playground Standards.

Play value

Although compact, the cube includes many play elements and offers enormous play value. It can be placed even in places where space is at a premium.


While the climbing cube is safe, it does present a physical challenge for kids. Being high off the ground when climbing it can also require children to overcome some fear!

Robust construction

Available in both steel or timber, with HDPE plastic panels and nylon covered wire ropes these climbing cubes are built to last!

Standards compliant

Our climbing cube is specially designed and engineered to comply with Australian standards.

Need more information about our climbing cubes?

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Exciting Safe and Challenging Climbing Cube

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