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Outdoor Climbing Towers with Slides

Create Adventures in the Playground with Our Climbing Towers

Outdoor Climbing Towers

Exciting worlds take shape in children's imagination when they have fun in an outdoor play tower from adventure+. Our towers bring height to playgrounds with multiple climbing opportunities and exhilarating slides. Complete with various activity panels, kids will never be bored as they traverse to new heights, finding treasured play and activities along the way.

Explorers can journey to the top for the best views and then coast down the long curving slides. Manufactured in Australia, all of our outdoor play towers are specially designed and engineered to comply with current safety standards. Browse through our range below.

Playground Fun that Towers Above Others

At adventure+, we are known for making play experiences fun, thrilling and adventurous. Our outdoor play towers create exhilarating play experiences that kids love coming back to again and again. Our playground towers let children climb greater heights, providing them with better vantage points and a different perspective.

When they look out from our tall towers, they can see across the entire playground, their community/school and beyond. Complete the towers with activity panels, climbing nets and slides and our towers transform playgrounds and parks into fun-filled attractions.


  • Excellent central piece to a park, visually impactful
  • Lookout tower
  • Designed to be accessible by parents and supervisors
  • Customisable to achieve the look and feel you want

S5599U Winchester Tower Play Unit

Constructed in the spectrum+ range of equipment as a tall tower with three levels and featuring two tunnel slides from different levels, this play unit will provide countless hours of fun.

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S9975U Avonleigh Tower Play Unit

Large play tower constructed in the spectrum+ range of equipment. This tower has a tunnel slide from the highest platform and is surrounded by a range of other playground equipment.

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S8486U Space Explorer Tower Play Unit

Great for imaginative play, this play unit resembles a space rocket. Constructed in the spectrum+ range of equipment as a tower with three levels and featuring a huge tunnel slide that spirals to the ground, the Space Explorer will provide countless hours of fun.

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For over 35 years, adventure+ has been a trusted provider of fun, safe and innovative playgrounds to schools, communities and businesses all over Australia. When it comes to outdoor play towers with slides, our highly experienced team will guide you on your choices to provide you with total confidence that your playground will be engaging, inclusive and compliant with current Australian standards.

We can also customise your playground when standard layouts and off-the-shelf play units won't work for your vision. Our in-house team of designers will use their expertise to provide you with tailored playground equipment that suits your space, budget and any other design constraints.

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