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Playground edging options

The majority of play spaces need some form of edging, particularly to retain loose fill undersurfacing where it is used, and we have a full range of different options available as shown below:

ACQ Treated Pine

ACQ treated pine sleepers are one of the most popular forms of playground edging. Relatively cost effective and free from harmful treatment chemicals, they are a great option in a wide variety of situations. With posts concreted into the ground at regular intervals, multiple sleepers can be stacked on top of each other to form retaining walls, as may be required on sloping sites.

Edging Playing Products in Australia

Concrete Kerb

Concrete kerb edging is an effective option where a curved and non-linear play space shape is desired. Normally constructed using a concrete kerbing machine, it can be installed partially above the ground, or, most commonly, flush with the surrounding ground, which provides easy access, particularly for disabled users.

Edging Playing Products in Australia

Rubber Log

Rubber logs are supplied in separate sections which are butt joined together and pinned to the ground and are utilised where a different aesthetic look is desired. They are manufactured from rubber granules formed into a suitable profile and size to retain loose fill undersurfacing.

Edging Playing Products in Australia

Informal Edge

An informal edge is the most basic way to finish the play space edge and involves, in the case of mulch, simply tapering the mulch depth down to meet the surrounding surfaces. In the case of rubber undersurfacing, it can be rolled over at the edge and under the surrounding ground, forming a neat and easy transition between the two surfaces.

Edging Playing Products in Australia

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