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Playground safety audits

Playground owners and operators have an on-going duty of care to maintain a safe and compliant play space.

Reference to playground inspections and their regularity is contained in Australian Standard AS4685.0:2017. In addition to regular routine inspections which you as the client are responsible to carry out, a more detailed annual inspection is also required.

Our experienced staff are available to perform this inspection on your behalf.

Accurate assessment reports for playground safety and standards compliance

adventure+ conducts playground safety assessments and compliance audits, and provides one of the most comprehensive reports in the industry. With over 35 years of experience designing and installing playgrounds, we have a practical working knowledge of the Australian Standards for playground equipment.

Details of the playground assessment services offered by adventure+ are as follows:

Type 1  – Playground Safety Assessment

The Type 1 Playground Safety Assessment is the ideal option for your annual inspection to assess the safety and maintenance of your playground.

When to request:

  • Regular annual inspection
  • Following serious vandalism or maintenance issues
  • Assist in deciding on equipment replacement cycle

What it includes:

  • Site inspection
  • Written report
  • Safety & maintenance issues
  • Assessment grading

Recommended frequency:

  • Every 12 months
Playground Safety Assessments & Compliance Audits

Type 2 – Playground Compliance Audit & Safety Assessment

The Type 2 Playground Compliance Audit and Safety Assessment is the ultimate option for providing you with both a report of compliance to the current Australian Standards, and an assessment of safety and maintenance.

When to request:

  • New playground certification
  • Following modification or upgrade of the equipment or site
  • To have equipment reassessed against the current Standard
  • Assist in deciding on equipment replacement cycle

What it includes:

  • Site Inspection
  • Written Report
  • Safety & Maintenance Issues
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Schematic Site Plan
  • Standards Compliance Audit
  • Assessment Grading

Recommended frequency:

  • As required

Assessment reports

We pride ourselves in providing detailed and quality assessment reports. In the case of defending any legal claims, it is important that you have been proactive in maintaining your duty of care as a playground owner.

Reports are supplied to you in both electronic and printed/bound formats.

Example playground assessment reports:

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Playground Safety Assessments & Compliance Audits

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