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Site establishment

Whether it be an existing underground services scan, temporary fence, or other preliminary work, we can assist by arranging them as part of the project.

Site preparation

We can also take care of any site preparation works that are required. If necessary, any existing equipment can be demolished and removed. Any unwanted existing mulch or other undersurfacing, can be either removed, or where possible, stockpiled for reuse after the playground equipment has been installed. Sites can be cleared, profiled and/or excavated to the correct depth as required.


We can also provide agricultural drainage for the individual sites that require it to be installed, in particular sites where the edging, especially concrete kerb, is flush with the surrounding surfaces. Typically, drainage pipes will be run along the lowest side of the play area, with extra lines through the centre as appropriate to the size of the area, which will then terminate in a sump outside the play area.

Landscape works

Where the overall play space design requires not only the play activities and their necessary site works, but also landscape elements, typically for aesthetic enhancement and to provide a connection with nature, we can also help out. Partnering with experienced Landscape Contractors, we can provide a range of landscaping services including planting, placement of rocks and logs, dry creek beds, paving and more.

Site rectification

Where particular sites require it, depending on the extent and type of works, we can carry out rectification works, including the reinstatement of unused existing areas to lawn and rectification of the surfaces around the outside of new edging.

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