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As an Australian manufacturer with a small percentage of parts sourced from overseas, adventure+ can respond promptly to spare parts requests. This means you don’t need to worry about your equipment being out of service for weeks.

Playground consultants and the operations team understand the urgent nature of replacement parts and place priority on getting spare parts to customers quickly, wherever in Australia.

adventure+ has a wide range of replacement and spare parts for your playground equipment, including rocker parts, slides and accessories, swing seats, hardware, coatings, replacement components, miscellaneous parts, track ride parts, rubber landing pads, and much more.

Many parts are a clever generic design so we’re able to use them on a wide range of different types and styles of equipment.

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From rocker ride mounting hardware and slides to trampoline parts and flying fox parts, we have a large range of spare parts available.

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Quick replacement

The most common cause necessitating replacement of playground elements is vandalism. Items that require complete replacement such as timber posts that have been set on fire, or steel components that have been subject to deliberate attempts to damage them, will require scheduling into our production processes and hence can involve lead times of about four weeks.

For items such as fibreglass slides, common types and colours are held in stock and can be despatched within two days, but slides that we have to order in will generally involve a four week lead time.

Mechanical fasteners and related hardware such as hex keys and other tools, post caps and plastic caps, swing seats and swing chain assemblies are held in stock and can be despatched within two days.

Sheet plastic items such as shop counters, rocker seats, rocker body panels, clock face and hands, are manufactured in-house, and would normally be available in four weeks from point of order depending on any customisation required.

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