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The selection of colours for play equipment is an important part of the design process, and should take into account the proposed user group and the surrounding environment.

Powder coat colours have been grouped into themes to aid selection, however the combinations possible are extensive.

Powder Coat Colours

The colours below have been selected because they are popular in outdoor playground equipment applications. However, a large range of powder coat colours is available, although in some cases additional lead times and costs may be involved. It is most important to recognise that all colours fade over time, but that bright, bold or strong colours will show most noticeably (especially reds). When selecting colours (including our standard colours) please consider the effect of fading on the long term appearance of your playground as colour variations are not covered under powder coating warranties.

Highlight Theme

Intensity® Flame

Intensity® Summer

Intensity® Moonlight

Lycra Strip

Intensity® Leaf

Intensity® Reef

Dark Violet

Earth Tone Theme


Pale Eucalypt®



Heritage Theme


Manor Red®

Hawthorn Green

Other Popular Colours

Deep Pool

Berry Grey

Metropolis Silver Glow

Hammersley Brown


Intensity® Storm

Intensity® Sunshine

APO Grey

Sable™ Core Ten®

HDPE Plastic Colours

The most commonly available HDPE colours are shown below, however variations may apply from time to time.

Red / Yellow / Red

Yellow / Red / Yellow

Orange / Purple / Orange

Purple / Orange / Purple

Blue / Yellow / Blue

Green / Orange / Green

Blue / Green / Blue

Beige / Green / Beige

Green / Beige / Green

Black / White / Black

Grey / White / Grey

Wire Rope Colours

Additional costs and extended lead times may apply to some colours, depending on current stock availability.



Bright Green

Olive Green




Acid Green

Burnt Orange

Natural Beige

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Note: Colours selected may vary due to the presentation method.

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