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Playground equipment that conforms to Australian Standards.

Equipment supplied and installed by Adventure Playgrounds Pty. Ltd. is designed as playground equipment compliant to the following Standards:

Australian Standard AS 4422:2016
Australian Standard AS 4685.0:2017
Australian Standard AS 4685.1:2021 to 4685.6:2021
Australian Standard AS 4685.11:2014

Compliance is limited to those matters in the above Standards which directly govern the design and installation of fixed play equipment.  Issues relating to: siting of the equipment, provision and maintenance of suitable undersurfacing, establishment and continuation of a maintenance program etc. are the responsibility of the purchaser and responsibility for compliance with these parts of the Standards is only accepted by Adventure Playgrounds Pty. Ltd. where they form part of the contracted works.

Equipment is not designed as fitness or parkour equipment and compliance with Standards AS 16630:2021 and AS EN 16899:2020 is not certified.

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