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Playground Starter Kit for Schools

Start your playground project on a good footing!

Creating a new school playground can be a complex process! You have to create a playground that everyone loves while keeping within a budget and including the school community. Many principals and school leaders don’t know where to start!

That’s why we’ve created a School Playground Starter Kit.

This Starter Kit will include all the necessary information to start your project off on the right footing.

What does it include?

  • School Playground Project Inspiration (including a budget guide so you know how much playgrounds cost)
  • School Playground Brochure (explains the best process and products for schools to make your life easy)
  • School Brief Template (helps you create a brief for a playground supplier so you get apples-for-apples quotes)
  • School Playground Budgeting Guide (tips to help you only spend what you can afford)
  • Ninja Course Brochure (explains the Ninja Course range)

This information is an invaluable resource that will help make your life easier and ensure your project runs smoothly. To access it (in either electronic or hard copy) please complete the below form.

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