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Aussie pocket playgrounds

Pocket parks offer unique opportunities to turn limited areas into adventure playground wonderlands that will have children jumping with joy. adventure+ specialises in designing pocket park playgrounds that make the most of small areas, providing exciting play experiences for children of all ages in Australia.

Our secret? Maximising every inch and working with you to create captivating playground layout designs that stimulate imaginations.

Essential ingredients for pocket parks

When designing a playground for a pocket park, it’s important to approach the task with careful planning and consideration. The compact space of a pocket park presents a unique challenge, but with a little creativity and thoughtfulness, it’s possible to create a wonderland of play that will delight children of all ages. By focusing on the essential elements of playground design, you can craft a space that is both functional and fun, providing a safe and engaging environment for kids to explore and play in.

Multifunctional play equipment

Choose versatile play equipment that offers multiple play experiences. Our combination units act as multifunctional pieces of playground equipment, featuring slides, climbers and interactive panels. This multifunctional equipment provides a diverse range of play opportunities in a compact space.

Aussie Pocket Park Playgrounds Big Fun in Small Spaces2

Imaginative play zones

Create themed playground layout designs that inspire imaginative play. These can include sand play areas for little architects, rope-play structures for budding adventurers and nature-inspired play elements that awaken the wild side.

Landscaping and greenery

Integrate lush landscaping and vibrant greenery to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the pocket park playground design. Planting trees, shrubs and flowers helps to add beauty to the play space while also providing shade and a connection to the natural world.

Seating and gathering Spaces

Create cosy nooks for parents and caregivers to relax while supervising their children. Benches, picnic tables and shaded seating options are the key ingredients for social interaction and a welcoming atmosphere.

Creating a point of difference

Are you looking to create a play area that’s both fun and distinctive, setting it apart from others in the community? If so, let’s dive in and explore some creative ideas that will help you make your pocket park the centre of attention. Whether it is incorporating colorful and playful equipment, adding a splash pad or creating a natural play area, the possibilities are endless. Let’s get started and make your pocket park a place worth talking about!

Art and sculptures

Add eye-catching art and sculptures to your pocket park playground design captivating young minds and sparking curiosity. Collaborate with local artists to create art installations that add an extra layer of wonder to the overall play experience.

Customised play structures

Work with adventure+ to design customised play structures that perfectly match the theme, location and available space of your pocket park. Customisation allows you to create a distinctive playground layout design that reflects the character and identity of the community.

Aussie Pocket Park Playgrounds Big Fun in Small Spaces3

Let’s create pocket park magic

adventure+ is your go-to partner in crafting captivating and engaging pocket park playgrounds. With our innovative design solutions and expertise in commercial play equipment for children, we’ll transform those small spaces into dynamic and unforgettable play environments.

Reach out to adventure+ online or on 1300 237 587 to start a pocket park playground design that maximises space and creates unforgettable play experiences.

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