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Ninja Playgrounds: Australian Schools Outdoor Recreation Revolution

A recreation revolution

From play to fitness, ninja playgrounds are revolutionising outdoor recreation at schools across Australia and beyond. adventure+ specialises in playground design and build for local schools, offering exciting opportunities for children to get active and challenge themselves. As experts in commercial play equipment, we enhance existing school playgrounds with elements that encourage more recreation and skill development. Learn more about this obstacle course craze and what makes a ninja course a valuable investment for primary and secondary schools.

The rise of ninja playground equipment

Our outdoor playground equipment includes fun challenges similar to the obstacle courses you see on popular TV programs like Australian Ninja Warrior. With ninja playgrounds, children get the chance to test their skills on beloved obstacles like the fireman’s pole and warped wall. Ninja courses involve wildly entertaining full-body activities and offer incredible physical benefits and that keep growing children healthy and happy. Plus, these unique play spaces allow children to enjoy friendly competition with their peers.

Benefits of obstacle course playground equipment

 Some of the advantages you can look forward to are:

  • Encouraging healthy competition and movement in older children
  • Teaching emotional regulation, social skills and self-confidence as children need to be patient and persevere through individual and team challenges
  • Reinforcing problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Providing good coverage of different types of physical movement, including upper body, lower body, balance and motor skills

If you’re interested in creating a commercial play space with ninja elements, speak to adventure+ today to discuss your needs.

Custom ninja playground designs

There are exciting opportunities to customise school play spaces as part of the ninja playground revolution. Custom design and build options ensure you can maximise outdoor recreation and physical activity with the best ninja elements for school playgrounds. Working with a reputable supplier of ninja playground equipment will help you make the ideal play space that caters to different ages and physical abilities. The flexibility of our course equipment means you can swap play elements in and out as required, ensuring a variety of challenges to keep students entertained.

Examples of obstacle course playground equipment

Our team proudly creates fun and challenging ninja obstacle courses to keep children active and entertained during school breaks. We love that students of all ages can embrace a range of elements at the playground. At Arnolds Creek Primary School, we created a exciting and attractive play area complete with a challenging ninja course and rope structure.

Ninja Playgrounds Australian Schools Outdoor Recreation Revolution2

We designed a robust ninja course for Toorak College, with activities designed to build strength and keep children engaged for longer.

Ninja Playgrounds Australian Schools Outdoor Recreation Revolution3

Craigmore High School students are also benefiting from a challenging ninja obstacle circuit that gets them moving during school breaks.

Ninja Playgrounds Australian Schools Outdoor Recreation Revolution4

Discover adventure+ ninja playground equipment

adventure+ is proud to be Australia’s leading supplier of outdoor playground equipment for commercial and educational settings. We can set you up for success with our ninja playground design and build services, tailored to suit your schools requirements. Contact us online to learn about our innovative design process, and let’s chat about the best ninja play equipment for your needs.

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