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Playground design service

With over 40 years experience, adventure+ are the playground design experts, specialising in safe and engaging commercial playground equipment that brings Australian communities together.

We tailor comprehensive playground design services just for you. With the expertise to understand your unique requirements and tackle any challenges head-on, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Tailored playground design ideas

At adventure+, we believe in crafting customised solutions that tick all the boxes. Our playground design service is built on the principle of creating customised solutions that suit your site and meet your objectives.

We take a collaborative approach, working hand in hand with councils and landscape architects to understand the specific needs and constraints of the project. From compact urban parks to sprawling recreational areas, no challenge is too big or small for us. We’ll bring our expertise and creativity to design playground equipment that exceeds your wildest dreams.

Playground Design Service for Councils & Architects2

The adventure playground difference

We’re all about taking playtime to the next level with our playground equipment. We’ve provided schools, local governments, early learning centres, tourist park owners and property developers with customisable playground designs for over 35 years. We have a thorough understanding of Australian Standards and safety requirements, allowing us to provide a comprehensive range of services from consultation to install.

Our products are designed to stimulate imagination, promote physical activity, and create memorable play experiences for children of all ages. With up to 15 years warranty coverage, you can rest assured that adventure+ are here to support you.

Streamlined design process

Our process of playground design ensures your journey from concept to completion is a breeze. We kick things off with a thorough site analysis, where we get an in-depth understanding of your space, considering every factor from existing infrastructure and topography to sun exposure.

Armed with these insights, our experienced designers set to work, creating 2D and 3D renderings of your new playground design. These renders serve as an excellent way to visualise the space, allowing you to step into the playground of your dreams and envision every intricate detail before it becomes a reality.

Collaborative partnership

Successful playground design ideas are a collaborative effort. We bring councils, landscape architects and other stakeholders onboard from start to finish, valuing their insights and vision on the ideal commercial playground equipment for the unique space. Our collaborative effort continues throughout the design process. Our expert designers will make recommendations, based on your goals, and guide you towards the best playground for your space.

Contact us for professional playground design

If you are a council or landscape architect looking to build a bespoke playground, adventure+ is your go-to for professional design services.

Ready to create a community space that oozes vibrancy and excitement? Contact adventure+ online or on 1300 237 587 to discover how our playground design ideas can help you.

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