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Commercial vs. Domestic Playgrounds

Child safety should always come first, which is evident in the innovative outdoor play equipment from adventure+. We proudly create high-quality play apparatus in Australia, offering notable advantages over domestic alternatives. Discover why investing in commercial-grade playground equipment is crucial for creating secure and enjoyable play spaces for children.

Superior safety features

Outdoor play equipment from adventure+ is designed and built in line with all applicable playground standards. Our careful design and build process delivers reliable safety features and robust performance that makes commercial play equipment a worthwhile investment for child-friendly locations nationwide.

Commercial level durability

Commercial play equipment prioritises child safety because it is built to be durable. Heavy-duty steel and timber create sturdy, solid structures and surfaces where children can let their imaginations run wild as they safely climb to new heights and challenge themselves. Commercial playgrounds are made to last longer, even in high traffic and exposed areas, providing an obvious advantage over DIY domestic playgrounds.

Regulatory compliance

The stringent regulatory compliance of commercial playground options ensures a worry-free environment for children to thrive. There’s no guarantee that domestic alternatives will be built to the same rigorous standards, which is why commercial playgrounds are always preferred for schools and early learning centres. Local government parks and tourist centres also prefer commercial play equipment for kids that offers an excellent variety of fun activities to keep young ones happy and active.

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Important benefits of playgrounds

When considering play equipment and accessories, keep in mind there are many advantages that make these investments worthwhile. Of course, playgrounds give children an outlet for physical activity, which benefits their growing bodies and minds. However, the best commercial play equipment also encourages creative and critical thinking while also helping children develop a strong sense of self and collaboration. The more children learn to interact nicely with each other on the playground, the more life skills they will have to apply to other areas.

Variety of play equipment

Designing the right playground matters and contributes to the well-being of our youngest adventurers. Arguably, the most significant advantage of working with a commercial supplier of quality apparatus and accessories is the wide selection of elements to choose from. When you choose adventure+, you can maintain quality and safety standards while creating a complete playground with incredibly fun and engaging elements.

Here’s a few of the top commercial play equipment options:

  • Towers
  • Themed play units
  • Modular rope structures
  • Ninja challenge courses
  • Multi-directional swings
  • Spring rockers, spinners & carousels
  • Flying foxes
  • Slides
  • Trampolines

Check out our products page to see the range of adventure+ apparatus.

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Invest in premium playground equipment

adventure+ specialises in commercial play equipment with over 40 years of industry experience. Our team would be happy to help with your needs for new equipment and accessories to use at schools, early learning centres, tourist sites, local parks and more. Contact us online to arrange a site visit or chat about the best play equipment for kids in your area.

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