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The Risks of DIY Playground Equipment

Why commercial playgrounds are the smart choice

As DIY projects gain traction among Australians, the idea of constructing personal playgrounds has become increasingly appealing. However, it’s important to realize that the quality of backyard kits and home-built playgrounds falls significantly short when compared to the strict quality standards adhered to by commercial playground equipment. This difference in quality underscores why commercial playgrounds are the superior option for educational institutions and municipalities. In this discussion, Adventure+ delves into multiple significant reasons underscoring the investment in commercial adventure playgrounds.

High-quality materials

Choosing safe and sturdy materials is crucial to ensuring the overall performance of a premium playground. When comparing elements, the adherence to safety and quality standards certainly stands out. Commercial play equipment uses top-quality timber and steel designed to withstand frequent use and Australia’s wide range of weather. These playgrounds are built with the most durable and heavy-duty materials, which can’t be said for all DIY domestic playgrounds.

The Risks of DIY Playground Equipment2

High-traffic equipment

Durable, heavy-duty construction ensures playgrounds stand the test of time, even with a high volume of users day in and day out. Timber and steel play equipment is best for public schools, and other spaces where children will be running around all day. After all, you deserve great value for your investment, and the best commercial equipment certainly lives up to expectations.

The Risks of DIY Playground Equipment3

Accessibility for all abilities

There are so many more accessible options with commercial equipment than domestic DIY playsets. Inclusion is a top priority for adventure playgrounds, and we create play elements for children of all abilities. Commercial play solutions consider fall zone requirements, activity heights, entrapment openings and much more to ensure safe fun for everyone.

Wide variety of options

Last but not least, there is a vast selection of adventure playground equipment to consider when working with a reputable play equipment provider. As reputable industry leaders and manufacturers, playground providers bring you the latest play area styles and trends without sacrificing safety or quality. Compared to DIY options, there’s much more you can do with customisable commercial playgrounds.

Our impressive selection of commercial play equipment includes:

  • Play Units & Towers: let children climb, cross and slide to their hearts’ content on our play structures.
  • Rope Structures: hand-eye coordination is key when children challenge themselves to scale these fun and exciting climbing activities.
  • Ninja Courses: one of the most popular additions to traditional playgrounds is ninja obstacles inspired by the hit TV show.
  • Swings: swing sets put the finishing touch on playgrounds with single, double and triple options.

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