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The Top Advantages of Engaging Expert Commercial Playground Designers

Why use a playground designer?

If you’re considering enhancing an existing playground or constructing a new area for children’s play, Adventure+ is here to assist you. We excel in designing engaging and innovative play spaces that seamlessly blend safety with creativity. At Adventure+, we understand the importance of play in children’s development, which is why our focus is on creating environments that stimulate imagination, encourage physical activity, and ensure the utmost safety. Let’s take a look at the key advantages of engaging an expert commercial playground designers for your next project.

Guidance and support

One of the most significant benefits of working with commercial playground designers is comprehensive support throughout the entire process. From initial design ideas to custom configurations and maintenance recommendations, play equipment experts prove to be a fantastic resource. At adventure+, we provide a complete range of services, including initial consultations, design, installation, inspections and service, with no fee for custom playground design.

Guide to Commercial Playground Design Across Australia

Safety standards

Another advantage of engaging experts is their unique understanding of industry safety standards. Although compliance requirements can be challenging to follow if you’re not familiar with them, the expert adventure+ team is well versed in Australian safety standards. All our play equipment is designed to comply with AS 4685:2021 and other applicable standards for playground design and safety. We will carefully review all aspects of each project to guarantee compliance and provide peace of mind to our busy clients.


Local schools, councils and hospitality venues can make the most of industry expertise and quality by consulting with expert playground designers. The best outdoor play equipment is made out of long-lasting materials that can withstand harsh wind, rain and heat. adventure+ recommends timber and steel play structures, which offer a safe and comfortable environment for never-ending fun and physical activity.


Commercial playground equipment suppliers can provide you with an excellent selection of play elements to complete your space. You may seek inspiration from the adventure+ project showcase or consult with our experts on which play structures make most sense for your needs. You can look forward to an innovative selection of play units, play towers, swings, slides, climbing ropes, ninja obstacle circuits and much more.

Mix and match elements for custom playgrounds

Last but not least, the experts make it easy to customise and install new play structures. If you want your new school playground to stand out with engaging activities and aesthetic appeal, we would be happy to help. Maybe you have an ideal theme in mind, or you want to add more challenging activities for older children. Whatever your needs may be, adventure+ can help with modular playground pieces that easily swap in and out.

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