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Unique Playground Slide Units Available in Australia 

While playgrounds are diverse in their design and play elements, there’s one feature you’ll nearly always find – slides. They provide endless thrills for kids of all ages, providing an exhilarating experience unique from what many other pieces of playground equipment can offer.  

At adventure+, we’re the team you can trust whether you’re looking for a playground slide for sale for a school, business or local park. We have a range of standard slide units available across Australia as well as near endless options for customisation. 

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Our Range of Slide Units 

The traditional playground slide unit is a timeless classic. Once a child climbs up the structure to reach the top of the platform, it’s a simple matter of sitting and sliding down to enjoy the power of gravity and the breeze in your face. That immediate rush makes slides universally appealing to kids.  

Our slide units come in a large variety of sizes to cater to the full spectrum of age groups and abilities. Whether you need a smaller slide for young children or a large playground slide to entice braver older kids, we can help you get the perfect option for your needs.  

Customise Your Slide Units 

We can also customise our slide units to integrate them with other play equipment using platforms. This includes climbing walls, bridges, rope structures and much more depending on the vision for your project. From an extra large playground slide with a flat bed design to swirling tubular designs, we do it all. 

Colours and Materials 

The selection of colours and materials for your slide is an important aspect of the design process. Our plastic playground slide designs can be supplied with powder coated galvanised steel components or white cypress timber. Timber components can be left naturally to eventually weather to grey, or come with a subtle protective coating. 

Powder coat colours of the steel components of your slide unit can also be selected from our colour range. We group colours according to themes for easier selection, but there’s no restriction on the possible combinations.

Find the Perfect Playground Slide for Sale Australia-Wide

Whether for a new or old playground project, we supply thrilling slide units across Australia. Call us today on 1300 237 587 or contact us online to find out more about custom slide designs or any standard steel or plastic playground slide we provide.

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