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Rope Play Structures

Rope climbing structure with an interesting layout from the pinnacle+ Modular Structures range of equipment.

pinnacle+ Modular Structures utilise a triangular or square, (or both), basic upright module grid, and drawing from a wide range of different rope activity components, exciting combinations are created.

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The beauty of the Modular Structure system is the freedom to change the layout and the rope activities used.

Some rope activities can simply be exchanged for other rope activities within our range, allowing you to create a unique course with varying challenges.

We also can reconfigure the layout of the structure to suit a particular area or budget. The modular nature of this system makes this quick and easy.

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Colours for pinnacle+ Modular Structures can be selected by starting with the powder coat colours for the main uprights as a basis, and then selecting coordinating powder coat colours for the caps and clamps, and colour of the rope.

Looking to create a natural theme? Consider using a subtle colour scheme with beige or grey, or create something vibrant with red or green.

Furthermore, these modular structures also are available with timber uprights.

Available in a wide range of colours.

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Constructed from robust materials, including the tough, vandal-resistant and extra strong wire cored rope, pinnacle+ rope climbing structures are designed to last the distance in a wide variety of situations.

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Equipment Size

10.8m x 9.0m

Required Area

14.88m x 13.08m

Recommended Age Group

Multi-age 2-12 Years

Price Range

$65K to $85K

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Customisation is at the heart of what we do. Discover how you can customise playgrounds to create a unique, engaging and cost effective outcome.

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