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Steel & Timber Equipment

The Wellington Play Unit is a great example that showcases the flexibility of the spectrum+ hybrid range of equipment. Its random, angular timber panels create a distinctive and eye catching aesthetic, although it doesn’t stop with that, as it also has great play value, with distinct junior and senior sections.

spectrum+ hybrid utilises powder coated steel for the structural uprights and timber for the platforms. This system strikes the perfect balance between strength and beauty, and allows great scope for customisation.

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The beauty of the adventure+ play equipment system is its modular nature which allows you to change play components and the layout easily.

You can customise play components to cater for different user groups, create an architectural look or match the surrounding environment. Change or remove the roofs. Replace steel guardrails with rustic timber ones, or even swap a ladder with a staircase. The choices are endless!

Furthermore, we can reconfigure the layout to suit an awkwardly shaped site or fit within a particular budget. Create a playground the fits your needs perfectly, easily and at no extra charge.

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Colours & Materials

You can change the look and feel of your play equipment by customising the colours and materials used.

Almost all our combination units are available in timber or steel construction. The choice is yours! Alternatively, you can explore our hybrid approach, which combines timber and steel.

Looking for a natural theme? Consider using timber or a subtle powder coat colour scheme. Or, if you’re looking for something vibrant, explore bright colours such as red, orange or green.

Available in a wide range of colours and materials.

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With the in ground portion of the equipment long lasting galvanised steel, and the flexibility of size and shape offered by the timber platforms, spectrum+ hybrid allows the customisation required to meet specific design requirements.

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Equipment Size

8.376m x 7.086m

Required Area

11.728m x 9.939m

Recommended Age Group

Multi-age 2-12 Years

Price Range

$65K to $85K

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Endless possibilities

Customisation is at the heart of what we do. Discover how you can customise playgrounds to create a unique, engaging and cost effective outcome.

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