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Please note: adventure+ is a commercial playground equipment supplier and does not provide equipment for domestic applications.

T1500S Trampoline Rectangle

  • Equipment Size: 2.25m x 1.75m overall
  • Use: ELC, Community, Schools
  • Price Range: $10K to $20K

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motion+ Trampolines are the ultimate in bouncing fun! Also great for strength and fitness training, they provide an important physical development opportunity. The Trampoline Rectangle is a single module that can be placed separately in a play area, or multiple units can be placed in clusters for an interesting effect.

motion+ Trampolines are extremely durable, require very little maintenance and are simple to install, not even requiring footings. The trampoline mats are manufactured from durable, vandal resistant material and can be removed easily using a special tool provided, enabling the inside of the trampoline to be cleaned out easily.

Colour Range

There are different colours available for both the protective rubber surround around the edge of the trampoline and also the trampoline mat itself, and they can be selected to either match or contrast with each other, according to personal preference. Different sections of the mats can be manufactured in different colours to create pictures as shown below. Please note that colours are subject to availability at time of order, and there may be extra costs and longer lead times for some colours.

Protective Surround

motion+ Trampoline Surround Colour - Red BrownRed Brown
motion+ Trampoline Surround Colour - GreenGreen
motion+ Trampoline Surround Colour - BlackBlack

Trampoline Mat

motion+ Trampoline Mat Colour - BlackBlack
motion+ Trampoline Mat Colour - GreenGreen
motion+ Trampoline Mat Colour - Black BerryBlackberry
motion+ Trampoline Mat Colour - BlueBlue
motion+ Trampoline Mat Colour - Clay BrownClay Brown

motion+ Trampoline Mat Colour - BeigeBeige
motion+ Trampoline Mat Colour - Flame RedFlame Red
motion+ Trampoline Mat Colour - Traffic OrangeTraffic Orange
motion+ Trampoline Mat Colour - YellowYellow
motion+ Trampoline Mat Colour - Light GreyLight Grey


Example mat colour configurations:

Flashing Trampolines

Combine lighting with our popular motion+ inground trampolines! Small light units can be installed within the trampoline mat that activates when a user jumps on the trampoline. The lights can be chosen by colour, or you can opt for an image such as a teddy bear, frog, train, and much more.

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The installation procedure requires a hole to be excavated, the trampolines to be placed into the hole on a layer of suitable drainage material and with the top flush with the playing surface, and then lastly backfilling around the outside of the trampoline’s galvanised steel frame. Depending on the soil type, agricultural drainage underneath the trampoline may also be required.



A simple, special tool is provided with each delivery that enables the trampoline mat to be removed in order to clean out accumulated debris from inside the trampoline, or to replace the worn or vandalised mat. The tool hooks onto the open eye of the trampoline spring and the spring can be extended by pulling on the rope connected to the tool. When sufficiently extended, the spring is released from the mat support and drops down (see diagram).



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