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About spectrum+

spectrum+ is durable, customisable steel play equipment. Its product range includes:


spectrum+ is an exceptionally robust, powder coated galvanised steel style of equipment with a range of accessories in other materials.

The main uprights are durable steel tube and the majority of the activities and components are of fully welded construction. With carefully engineered component designs and vandal resistant fasteners, spectrum+ is ideal for both public and school playgrounds.

spectrum+ Steel Play Equipment
spectrum+ is ideal for both public and school playgrounds

Colours of your choice

spectrum+ offers great potential to impart the required character to a playground through the use of colour on the extensive powder coated surface area available. Dynamic colours can be used for a bold and striking effect, heritage colours for a distinguished and stately image or earthy tones for a more subtle result.

Customisable to make it unique

With an extensive choice of play activities, spectrum+ has a versatility which is really amazing, and designs can be adapted to suit vastly different applications. Special play units for either junior or senior age groups are possible, and they can be laid out in linear, circuit or irregular formations as required. Users with special needs can also be taken care of and wheelchair ramps and other accessible elements can be provided for their benefit. Play units that reflect a particular theme, such as a boat, train, farm…and so on can also be developed if required.

spectrum+ steel play products

For a playground that combines customisability, durability, versatility and stunning high visual impact, spectrum+ is the perfect choice!

Discover the spectrum+ steel playground product range

spectrum+ hybrid – combining steel & timber

spectrum+ hybrid combines the strength of steel with the natural beauty of timber.

The amazing versatility of the spectrum+ system enables us to offer this variation, where the main platforms and other selected components as shown below are constructed from White Cypress timber.

spectrum+ hybrid

With the in ground portion of the equipment long lasting galvanised steel, and the flexibility of size and shape offered by the timber platforms, spectrum+ hybrid allows the customisation required to meet specific design requirements.

Available Australia-wide, spectrum+ hybrid is an attractive solution where a different architectural look is required.

spectrum+ Hybrid
spectrum+ hybrid is an attractive solution where a different architectural look is required

spectrum+ max – corrosion resistant play system

spectrum+ max is a playground system specifically designed to maximise durability and longevity of installations in harsh climatic environments such as coastal and marine areas.

Designed and engineered in Australia, spectrum+ max minimises corrosion to ensure the playground stands the test of time and provides a hassle free playground life cycle.

Using aluminum and stainless steel as the main materials this system is a great option for playgrounds located in schools or parks near the coast or seaside.

Ideal for coastal & marine locations

spectrum+ max is perfect for coastal and marine locations where the risk of corrosion is increased substantially. One of the excellent features of spectrum+ max is that design and aesthetics are not compromised in any way. Request spectrum+ max on your next project.

spectrum+ max

Key Benefits

  • Minimise Rust: Using corrosion resistant materials spectrum+ max system is your safeguard against corrosion.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Even in coastal locations you can have the peace of mind that your playground is covered by an extensive warranty.
  • Made in Australia: As an Australia designer and manufacturer of playground equipment, we understand the high quality level required for the harsh Australian climate


  • Aluminium Uprights: 4mm aluminium uprights powder coated to the colour of your choice. Tested and certified for strength.
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners: Stainless steel fasteners, including screws, taptites and bolts.
  • Aluminium Platforms: 3mm powder coated aluminium platforms structurally supported to maximise longevity.
  • Aluminium Rope Fittings: All rope components use aluminium or stainless fittings.
  • Rust Resistant Materials: Components can be made from HDPE plastic, fibreglass or timber.

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