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Timber Playgrounds

symmetry+ utilises White Cypress timber as the main structural element, and it is particularly popular in high profile architectural playgrounds or where aesthetic considerations are important.

The main accessory components are constructed from galvanised and powder coated steel for its strength, versatility and colour potential, with other materials utilised to best suit each application.

White Cypress is sourced solely from sustainable yield harvesting areas, and because of its natural durability, it is not treated with harmful chemicals. Natural White Cypress weathers to a rustic silver-grey colour, or alternatively, surface coatings are available to enhance and maintain the beauty of fresh Cypress.

symmetry+ is an outstanding, proven range of playground equipment

Because timber provides greater scope for customisation, flexibility of design is a special feature of symmetry+. Designs often incorporate large or irregular platform decks, which are excellent for improved traffic flow, accommodation of a large number of users and providing for the needs of users with limited mobility.

symmetry+ is an outstanding range of equipment, long proven in thousands of installations, and its aesthetic appeal and design superiority continue to make it a favourite.

Timber play products

Explore our large range of timber playgrounds suited for school and community play spaces.

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One of the outstanding features of playground design by adventure+ is the ability to achieve something unique and special. While standard play unit layouts will suit many applications, high-profile locations often deserve a customisation approach.

Cutting edge stirrup system

adventure+ offers an optional stirrup where in-ground timber is not preferred. The stirrup boasts a cutting edge design that is strong and aesthetically pleasing. It features a fully engineered spigot concealed inside the timber upright maximising durability, and a coating matched to the timber upright making it almost invisible!

symmetry+ stirrup
adventure+’s timber play equipment stirrup

Made in Australia with Australian timber

adventure+ has been using White Cypress of play equipment for over 35 years due to its high durability and low shrinkage rate. In an Australian setting, we recommend using a native Australia timbers for play equipment. Imported timbers are generally tested and classified based on the European environment rather than the harsh Australia environment, therefore cannot be accurately compared to Australian Timbers.

Timber colour options

All symmetry+ play units are supplied with the timber coated in Old Gold colour unless otherwise specified. When specifying uncoated timber, please be aware that it will be more susceptible to weathering. Different coating colours can be used on different components in the same play unit.

Special features

Unique and special features can be incorporated into a playground design that can give a playground an entirely different look and feel.

A sustainable greener choice

For the environmentally conscious playground purchaser, timber is a logical choice. Sustainable yield harvesting requires planting at 2:1 or 3:1 ratios which means that going along with usage, there is an increasing level of raw material resource.

symmetry+ junior
symmetry+ provides a natural feel to any play space

Furthermore, managed plantation timbers for manufacturing absorb co² during the growing phase thereby reducing gas emissions in the atmosphere. When harvested and processed, timber uses up very little energy compared to steel, which consumes up to 24 times, and aluminium consumes a massive 126 times, more energy per tonne.


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