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Bellair Street Park


Tailor made timber playground

The Bellair Street Park play space in Melbourne’s inner suburb of Kensington is a small playground next to a busy train line. The small and awkward site presented a design challenge that the City of Melbourne approached adventure+ to help out on.

Project Overview

Kensington, Vic

Client: City of Melbourne

Custom play unit adjacent to train line.

To make the best use of space, the play unit was designed to be placed right on the fence line that separates the park and the adjacent train line. Having the playground enclosed on the train line side meant that no impact area (required by the Australian Standard for playground equipment) was needed.

To imitate a train station platform, the design included a timber platform and sign. Timber was the material selected because of its design flexibility when creating non-standard size decks and platforms.

Products used

Special design symmetry+ timber unit

This project includes a symmetry+ special design play unit that utilises white cypress timber as the main structural element.

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