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Coogoorah Park


Boat-themed playground by the river

Located on the Anglesea River in Anglesea, Coogoorah Park is a very popular park, enjoyed the locals and tourists alike. The existing boat-themed playground though well-loved had come to the end of its natural life due to the age of the equipment and was due for renewal. The local community involved in the development process opted to keep the nautical theme and maintain the natural timber feel in the space. The Surf Coast Shire engaged adventure+ to design a replacement with elements requested by the community, including climbing ropes, rock climbing panels, scramble and funnel nets, as well as pirate-themed features like treasure hunts, binoculars, and slides.

Project Overview

Anglesea, Vic

Client: Surf Coast Shire

Boat themed play structure on the Anglesea River in Anglesea, Victoria.

Designed to tick all the boxes

Creating a playground to meet the client’s specifications was a challenge that was willingly taken on by our design team. The design is complex and required much thought to bring it all together.

The new playground features a large timber ship in the main play space as the hero play element, with over 30 play elements around, inside, and underneath the ship to help light up the children’s sense of adventure.
The ship is docked, linked to the dock via a rope bridge with a hammock and swing set on the dockside, encouraging children to interact and socialise in different parts of the play space.

Project Showcase - Coogoorah Park5

Designed to suit all levels and abilities

Special consideration was made as part of the design to make the space more inclusive by including access points for all ages and abilities. The community expressly desired to ensure the play space included accessible and inclusive elements as well as some separate play units to ensure there is a diverse range for all levels and abilities.

Juinor unit for smaller children

Separate from the main boat feature the playspace also includes a junior play unit.
The junior play unit is suited specifically to younger children, with easy access and low components, however, the fun hasn’t been compromised. The unit includes interactive panels, a wheelchair-accessible carousel, a double slide, and some more challenging climbing activities. The underneath of the unit serves as a little cubby house, with a shop window that children always love!

Project Showcase - Coogoorah Park6
Junior area specially designed for younger children

Natural timber aesthetic

Our symmetry+ system was utilised to capitalise on the natural appeal of White Cypress timber which nicely complements the beautiful surrounding natural environment. It was important to the community that the play space caused minimal disturbance to the plant life and surrounding parklands. 

It’s a fun and welcoming space where adventures will be had, imaginations will run wild and more treasured memories will be made.

Surf Coast Shire – Mike Bodsworth
Project Showcase - Coogoorah Park7
The ship is docked via a rope bridge

Full of great activities, the playground ticks all the boxes for locals and visitors!

Products used

Special design symmetry+ timber boat unit

This project includes a symetry+ special design play unit that utilises white cypress timber as the main structural element.

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Special design symmetry+ timber unit

This project includes a symetry+ special design play unit that utilises white cypress timber as the main structural element.

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Galaxy Wheelchair Carousel

All abilities

4 Way Rocker - Flat Seats

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Hammock Swing

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