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4 Innovative Commercial Playground Equipment Projects

Creating innovative and exciting playground projects

Playgrounds have undergone significant improvement over the years with a focus on safety, inclusivity and creativity. Traditional playgrounds have been replaced by modern, innovative playgrounds that incorporate new materials, equipment and design elements. Today’s playgrounds are designed to meet the physical and developmental needs of children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. adventure+ has been at the forefront of this modernisation for over 35 years. As an expert playground equipment supplier, our adventure playground designs are trusted by governments, childcare centres, schools and developers.

Apex Park

In collaboration with architect, Justin Staggard, and Wangaratta City Council, adventure+ designed and created the newly upgraded Apex Park adventure playground. Mimicking an old tree stump, the central feature is a large play tower created with natural timbers and lookout windows. Whilst the tower may look 100% bespoke, it was constructed from our modular pieces that have been configured to achieve that custom look. In addition to 6 metres of fun and endless play opportunities, we designed the tower to enable adults to easily access the top of the tower to assist children if needed. The design also included a comet spinner, gyro swing and see-saw rocker. Each piece was designed and manufactured in Australia, minimising delivery time and cost whilst ensuring there are high-quality replacement parts readily available.

Wangaratta RCC - Apex Park - 17.08.2021 (20)

Central Gardens

Following an audit of Central Gardens, it was determined the previous playground no longer met current Australian standards and an upgrade was scheduled. ACLA Consultants engaged adventure+, playground equipment supplier, to create a modern playground that represented the popular theme of rockets and space. While the large rocket was refurbished, we added new playground equipment into the space including mission control interactive panels, a circular roof with a constellation pattern, a scramble net, monkey bars, a gyro swing and slides. We were also able to create this playground design from a sketch provided by the landscape architect. The finished playground reflected the community’s needs whilst considering cost and installation time.

Project Showcase - Central Gardens4

Elford Green Reserve

Working closely with Brimbank City Council, adventure+ designers were able to create an exciting new play space in Elford Green Reserve. This unique design features two towering platforms connected by a bridging net. Compact but packed with play opportunities, this playground features additional tube slides, a rock wall, a climbing cube, a flying fox and various activity panels. Our design for Elford Green caters to children of all ages and contains over 15 varying play activities. The modern colour palette with bright orange accents adds the final touch to this project.

Project Showcase - Elford Green7

Highbury Park

adventure+ were engaged by Whitehorse City Council to design and create this expansive play area with commercial playground equipment at Highbury Park. The project features four impressive towers connected by bridges. The playground includes a rock climbing wall, a galaxy wheelchair carousel, rockers, a 4-metre high lunar net, a 3-metre gyro, a hammock and a swing set. When creating a playground to tick all the boxes, we ensure each aspect of the equipment is easily accessible by rubber paths. This playground design is both mentally and physically engaging and can provide hours of fun for users of varying abilities and ages. Our Australian designed and manufactured commercial playground equipment allows us to design flexibly without compromising on quality or safety.

Highbury Park Project Img 9 - adventure+

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