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The top 5 of our favourite recent hybrid projects

The versatility of the spectrum+ hybrid system allows it to be applied and customised in numerous ways and styled to suit all kinds of projects. The system is popular in high-profile community and educational projects where a natural timber look is desired.

spectrum+ hybrid combines the strength of steel with the natural beauty of timber. The system uses White Cypress timber for the platforms and other selected components while using durable galvanised steel for all inground components (for example, the uprights).

With the flexibility of size and shape offered by the timber platforms, the spectrum+ hybrid system provides greater customisation to meet specific design requirements.

In this blog, we have compiled our top 5 favourite projects that utilise the spectrum+ hybrid system:

Bulleke-Bek Park

This playground was completed as part of Moreland City Councils’ A Park Close to Home’ project — an initiative to provide green space and play opportunities to children in under-resourced urban areas.

The playground has three stand-out fort structures with brightly coloured perspex windows. One fundamental design principle was introducing as many natural elements as possible so that Bulleke-Bek feels like a slice of nature in the city.

Timber was selected as the primary material and given a dark walnut coating. The team also chose the irregular style cladding to add to the natural and rustic look. A dark colour steel upright was used to tie in with the colour of the timber.

Top 5 Hybrid Projects2 - West Street Park

Carlson Reserve

The vision for Carlson Reserve was to provide a unique, diverse and activity-packed play experience for all age groups in the community. adventure+ was able to help achieve this by creating multiple pieces of equipment that boast a natural and distinctive aesthetic.

In this project, the client requested uncoated timber that will slowly grey off over time. Using powder-coated steel uprights enabled pops of colour to be incorporated into the design.

Top 5 Hybrid Projects3 - Carlson Reserve

Strathdale Park

Armed with an initial concept drafted by the landscape architect, adventure+ created a playground that responded to the natural setting and provided excellent play value. With mature native trees surrounding the space and a small creek nearby, it was crucial to develop a naturally inspired play space.

In this project, the spectrum+ hybrid system was utilised, which provides an opportunity for a combination of timber and steel. While the combination of two timbers, Spotted Gum and White Cypress, coupled with its irregular use throughout the playground, adds character and complements the natural charm of the local area, the splashes of colour create an atmosphere of fun.

Top 5 Hybrid Projects4 - Strathdale Park

Seaford North Reserve

adventure+ teamed up with Frankston City Council to redevelop the play area at Seaford North Reserve. This small but mighty playground includes multiple playing fields and a skatepark to keep children entertained for hours.

The design features a distinctive contemporary colour scheme that utilises the hybrid system to seamlessly match the coated timber elements with the powder-coated steel uprights. Championing twist roofs and bold green accents, this modern-styled unit is designed to stand out from other playgrounds in the region.

Top 5 Hybrid Projects5 - Seaford North

Florian Estate

The playground at Florian Estate is a masterpiece of fine architecture and detailed construction. The team at adventure+ worked closely with the landscape architect Thomson Hay & Associates to design this amazing, unique playground.

A unique thing about this playground is its aesthetics. It has a large round timber slatted roof and was constructed on a mound to give it height.

The use of timber platforms in the project allowed us to create unique shaped platforms to give it a point of difference. Using bright powder-coated steel has given the playground a modern feel. The playground has been a huge success, adding tremendous value and fun to the community.

Top 5 Hybrid Projects6 - Florian Estate


Looking to create a playground with a natural aesthetic but don’t want timber inground? Wanting to create a natural playground but want pops of colour?

The spectrum+ hybrid system offers many benefits for playgrounds in both educational and public settings. Talk to one of our playground consultants to see if it will work for your project!

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