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Community Engagement: Stakeholders in Playground Design

Collaborative playground design

Here at adventure+, we understand community engagement is important when it comes to designing local playgrounds. In terms of commercial playground designs, it’s about more than adding structures and play equipment to an empty area: it’s about creating a space that truly reflects the needs and aspirations of the community.

By involving stakeholders in the decision-making process, we generate playground design ideas that, once realised, become a genuine source of pride and joy for the entire community.

Strategies for stakeholder engagement

Engaging stakeholders is a crucial aspect of our approach to commercial playground designs. We firmly believe the voices of parents, teachers and local authorities are invaluable. You may want to meet with interested parties, or use a survey to understand their priorities and aspirations for a new local playground. By carefully crafting survey questions, we can gain a deeper understanding of stakeholders’ priorities and preferences for the playground design. This approach ensures that the final design is not only visually appealing but also functional and enjoyable for all.

Positives of collaborative design

When communities collaborate to design playgrounds, it creates spaces loved by parents and children, symbolizing unity and empowerment. Involving children in the process fosters a sense of ownership, leading to a commitment to maintain and protect their play spaces. Through this approach, children develop life skills like negotiation and teamwork while enjoying well-designed playgrounds that reflect their unique needs. Community-driven design goes beyond the physical playground, strengthening bonds, encouraging social interaction, and promoting a sense of belonging. Ultimately, it brings joy, laughter, and a deep sense of community and empowerment.

Embark on a collaborative playground journey

At adventure+, we’re fuelled by a passion to create playgrounds that bring communities together. With our team of skilled professionals, well-versed in Australian Standards and industry best practices, we can guide you through the playground design process.

Starting with a site visit, we’ll take measurements and assess the proposed playground location. We’ll discuss shade requirements, under surfacing and what you’d like the playground to look like. Our design stage then involves detailed 3D illustrations, plans and costings for your custom playground design. We pride ourselves on making the process as smooth as possible for you whilst providing a design that fits your budget, is aesthetically pleasing and age-appropriate. We’re dedicated to ensuring your playground becomes a true testament to Australia’s smart and fun-loving spirit.

Engaging the Community Collaborative Playground Design2

Let’s craft extraordinary play environments together!

When you team up with adventure+ for your playground project, our partnership will be grounded in trust, open communication and a shared passion for crafting extraordinary play environments. Let’s create something truly remarkable.

Reach out to adventure+ online or on 1300 237 587 to start your collaborative playground experience in Australia. Together, let’s craft a space where children’s imaginations can run wild, and the community can come together to embrace the spirit of adventure.

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