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Creative Ways to Utilise Play Space Slopes

Utilising slopes

adventure+ is known for innovative and imaginative adventure playground equipment in Australia. We are here to help unlock the potential of varied terrain with creative ideas and practical tips for designing a dynamic and engaging play environment on slopes. From thrilling slides to interactive games, delve into a world where play fits into your topography, fostering endless fun for children of all ages. Elevate your playground with our guide to maximising the possibilities of sloping play spaces.


Another way to enhance excitement while taking advantage of natural slopes is adventure playground equipment. This style takes climbing, sliding and fun challenges to new heights, providing more activities for children of all ages. Longer mound slides are an important element which can be incorporated into surrounding slopes with open-flat bed or tube designs. Stainless steel slides are a top pick, given their stylish look and resistance to damage.

Creative Ways to Utilise Play Space Slopes2
Thathcer Reserve

Ninja course elements

Slides aren’t the only school playground equipment to use on slopes. Ninja challenge courses are also a popular option, as these elements can easily be incorporated into adventure playgrounds on gradients. After all, sloped land adds a natural climbing challenge, so it’s great for running, or it can be scaled up with custom play spaces and apparatus. Such variations in levels and structures invite children to discover their innate sense of adventure.

Wall climbs

Adventure playground equipment also includes climbing elements to give children a fun and rewarding challenge. Make the most of natural gradients by installing rubber surfacing over the embankment with climbing ropes and hand holds. This unique and sustainable solution helps children reach new climbing goals, overcome hesitations, and make new memories on an awesome adventure playground. Plus, this installation minimises landscape erosion, which is especially important in high-traffic areas frequently impacted by wet weather.

Creative Ways to Utilise Play Space Slopes3
Killara Park

Play units on top of the hill

Finally, fort-style play structures at the top of a hill create a captivating display without the added cost of higher play tower installations. Clever design of commercial playground equipment will address fall height concerns and offer a focal point for the playground, increasing aesthetic appeal while encouraging children to engage in imaginative play. Bridges and walkways leading down from these raised areas will further enhance the overall layout and appearance of your school playground equipment.

Creative Ways to Utilise Play Space Slopes4
Burton Primary School

Slope-friendly playground design

As you can see, there are so many ways to incorporate the natural slope of land in your playground design. adventure+ has over 40 years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing innovative playground equipment on all sorts of Australian landscapes, including sloped lots. Contact us online for specialised design and the latest industry trends.

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