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A good playground is fun and challenging, but above all, it must be safe. Like anything you use in life, maintenance is key to safety and longevity. Think of your car, or bike, they need to be regularly serviced to ensure they are safe to use. Similarly, with school playgrounds that get played on every day, it is important to check and maintain its safety.

The frequency of playground inspections and maintenance procedures may need to be varied to take into account external factors including the intensity of use, and the accessibility of the equipment to sources of vandalism.

Download a free school Playground Maintenance Checklist below.

This checklist is designed for a typical multi-purpose playground and is not necessarily a complete list, while some other categories may not apply. Playground equipment supplied by a quality playground manufacturer should require minimal maintenance, however, it is still the responsibility of the owner to carry out a safety inspection before the playground is made available for use, and to establish a formal inspection and maintenance routine.

We recommend printing this out and hanging it in a visible location to encourage everyone to be responsible to keep the children safe.

Playground Maintenance Checklist
Playground Maintenance Checklist

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