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Belgrave Lake Park


Unique playground for a beautiful setting

Belgrave Lake Park, located in Belgrave, features a large customised timber playground unit designed and installed by adventure+. The unit was designed to loosely represent a platypus burrow, being underwater and the peepholes the burrows. This ties back in with the local platypus habitat in Monbulk Creek. The intent of the unit's barrier is to separate the off-leash dog's area from the playground and to maximise the playspace footprint.

Project Overview

Belgrave, Vic

Client: Yarra Ranges Shire/Jeavons Landscape Architects

Natural inspired community playground with a large variety of different play elements

Customised to suit the surroundings

Bordered by lush greenery and expansive wetland home to a family of elusive platypus, the constructed playspace was to sit comfortably in and complement the surrounding landscape.

The playscape design was inspired by this surrounding landscape and the natural forms, tones, and materiality experienced within the site.

Project Showcase - Belgrave Lake Park5

Maximising play value

The new playground is a huge improvement from the old playground with its natural colours and cohesive choice of play elements. To achieve this adventure+ worked closely with Jeavons Landscape Architects to incorporate double slides, monkey bars, fireman’s pole, activity panels, tunnel, and many more elements into the simple design without overcrowding the space.

Project Showcase - Belgrave Lake Park6

Belgrave Lake now has a beautiful and new playspace for us all to enjoy! It is a wooden beauty that has some fantastic features.

Customised colours & materials

Instead of opting for the bright colour scheme like many playgrounds, the designers took special care in choosing a simple, natural colour scheme that complimented the stained timber and worked well with the surrounding environment.

Project Showcase - Belgrave Lake Park7

The community and client alike were very pleased with the outcome which met all the requirements.

Products used

Special design spectrum+ hybrid play unit

This project includes a spectrum+ hybrid special design play unit that combines the beauty of timber with the strength of steel.

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