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Fairbanks Drive Reserve


Beautifully unique, eye catching & challenging

Working closely with Outerspace Landscape Architects and the City of Salisbury, adventure+ was able to create a play space that ticked all the right boxes. Design, detail, and difference were three essential factors crucial to the creation of Fairbanks Drive Reserve.

Project Overview

Paralowie, SA

Client: Outerspace & City of Salisbury

Unique spectrum+ hybrid playground unit

Play elements suitable for all ages

The playground features two large platform clusters connected together, with one end suited for the kids who love to climb and the lower end perfect for the younger ones, with a double slide and staircase.  The long ramp-like net bridge is designed to challenge children’s balance and coordination skills, and add an additional thrill to the play space. The activities on this playground are ample, with climbing ropes, a tube slide, shop counters and many more to keep the kids occupied for hours.

Project Showcase - Fairbanks Drive Reserve6

Designed for great play value

Large and small slides branch out from the fort platforms, while a staircase, climbing nets and vertical disc climber allow access to the play elements, all coming together for endless games of chasey.

While the equipment may look totally bespoke, adventure+ used a modular system that ensures Standards compliance before leaving the factory.  It also reduces production and installation time, thus making it more cost effective.

Project Showcase - Fairbanks Drive Reserve5

Spectrum+ hybrid

Using the spectrum+ hybrid system to construct this playground was a brilliant way to create the different architectural look required by the landscape architect.  With the in-ground portion of the equipment long lasting galvanised steel, and the flexibility of size and shape offered by the timber platforms, spectrum+ hybrid allows the customisation required to meet specific design requirements.

Project Showcase - Fairbanks Drive Reserve7

Products used

Special design spectum+ play unit

This project includes a spectrum+ hybrid special design play unit that combines the beauty of timber with the strength of steel.

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