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Grandvue Estate


Something a little different

Located in an elevated position in Grandvue Estate, this central park provides the recreational facilities that the locals need to walk the dog, exercise, socialise and play. With the traditional backyard beginning to diminish as developers utilise smaller lot sizes, we are seeing the increasing need give children something special in the way of play.

Project Overview

Officer, Vic

Client: Urban Edge Landscape Architects

Custom design spectrum+ hybrid unit with long stainless slide

Making use of the slope

Working with Urban Edge Landscape Architects, the ‘something special’ play space was achieved!

At the centre of the space is a large customised combination unit constructed in a combination of steel and timber materials to provide different textures and sensory experiences. Starting from one of the platforms and continuing down a rubber mound slope is a long stainless slide, approximately 5.5 metres long, thus taking advantage of the site’s sloping terrain.

Grandvue Estate

Showcasing the adventure+ ability to be responsive to the requirements of the client, a variety of other custom features were included, such as special roofs and extra long bridges spanning between platform clusters.

Grandvue Estate

Products used

Special design hybrid play unit

This project includes a spectrum+ hybrid special design play unit that combines the beauty of timber with the strength of steel.

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Community Swing Frame - Double

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