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Henley Brook


Stunning destination playground amongst the treetops

Henley Brook is a very attractive, new playground that suits the needs of every community member and visitor from far and wide. The developer, Mirvac, chose adventure+ to design, manufacture and install a playground that seamlessly fits with the surrounding boardwalk and complements the beautiful natural landscape.

Project Overview

Henley Brook, WA

Client: Mirvac

Treetop play towers rise above the neighbourhood making a truly unique playground for all ages.

Beautifully designed to suit the site

The beautiful treed setting of this playground called for a natural look. To accomplish this, the developer Mirvac opted for a simple colour scheme of grey, brown and blue. The materials and colours used also match well with other infrastructure in the space, including a large boardwalk.

A key component of the design was to seamlessly connect the play towers with a large boardwalk constructed by another company. adventure+ worked closely with Mirvac to ensure the structures integrated with two entries from the boardwalk into the play towers.

Project Showcase - Henley Book
Access from the boardwalk level of the structure

Composite Cladding

In the interest of longevity and reduced maintenance, the developer opted to go with composite cladding for the play unit. This recycled material is designed to look like wood which allowed the play space to maintain a natural look. While a tower like this would normally be clad with natural timber, replacing the construction material was a simple swap due to the brilliance of the adventure+ modular system.

Project Showcase - Henley Book

The perfect park to host a birthday party or enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon!


Play in the treetops

Attention to detail was critical in the design and construction of the playspace. A special request from the developer was to be able to create a playground that incorporated the surrounding trees. Several trees are dotted throughout the playspace, which had to be counted for during design. Taking this into account, the team at adventure+ came up with an innovative design that allowed the equipment to fit harmoniously around the existing environment.

Project Showcase - Henley Book9

Numerous suspended rope bridges are included in the design to provide that feeling that you are climbing through the tree tops. These bridges are not only a lot of fun but can help develop confidence and risk-taking in children.

Project Showcase - Henley Book5

Cubby house hideaways for younger children

While the tower units are more suited for senior children, with a large slide, higher activities and platforms, the playground includes two small customised kinda cubby houses. These natural ‘tree house’ looking cubby houses provide a passive rest area, ideal for children seeking refuge from a fast-paced buzzing play space.

Project Showcase - Henley Book4

At Henley Brook, children won’t just live among trees, they’ll be able to play amongst the treetops.


A playground that’s hard to miss

The playground is hard to miss, featuring four connecting play towers that rise above the surrounding neighbourhood. The range of activities available on the playground is truly unique. The towers are connected by linking net bridges with multiple entry points to create hours of endless fun for all children. The playspace suits the needs of everyone and stands out with a difference, just as the developer requested.

Project Showcase - Henley Book8

Products used

Special design spectrum+ play unit

This project includes a spectrum+ special design play unit that utilises powdercoated steel as the main structural element.

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Kinda House Play Unit


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