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JJ Holland Park


Eye-catching colourful play towers

JJ Holland Park is a neigbourhood space recently upgraded by the City of Melbourne to provide more play opportunities and improve facilities for local families. adventure+ was engaged by City of Melbourne to design, manufacture and install some of the play equipment, most notably the high-impact contemporary play towers. The vision was to provide a striking, highly visible structure that added value to the surrounding landscape while catering to all ages - this sure was achieved!

Project Overview

Kensington, Vic

Client: City of Melbourne

The exciting new colourful play towers at JJ Hollands park are fun for all ages and the community's latest favourite playground destination.

Designed to stand out & attract

A key part of the plan included a stunning play structure, consisting of two colourful play towers joined by a rope bridge leading to three different slides. Clad with a mix of brightly coloured steel and timber panels, the towers are certainly the stand-out piece in the play area. This installation was designed with imaginative and creative play, as well as physical activity in mind. 

Project Showcase - JJ Holland8
The structure is clad with perforated steel and timber panels

While some younger children may find climbing up the 6+ metre high towers a thrill, many have to overcome fear and getting out of their comfort zone, which has huge developmental benefits. The towers are made up of a maze of staircases and platforms and require children to work together and take turns to navigate through the towers, which teaches social awareness and sharing.

Taking play seriously

At adventure+ we take play seriously, so we ensure playgrounds like the JJ Holland Park playground provide an engaging and enjoyable experience for all children and parents that visit. A well-designed playground can have enormous benefits for a child’s physical and mental well-being and our designers worked to maximise this.

Project Showcase - JJ Holland7

Mamma Knows West, a well-known group of playground and children activity enthusiasts gave their stamp of approval…

And Mamma knows from experience the number one sign that a playground is top quality is when the big kids, parents and carers are joining in on the fun and games!

Mamma Knows West

Products used

Special design spectrum+ play unit

This project includes a custom spectrum+ design play unit that utilises powdercoated steel as the main structural element.

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Trampoline Round (OLD)

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