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Jubilee Park


Uniquely themed and abounding with fun

This exciting new playground at Jubilee Park has a unique petrol station theme with a huge range of different activities for all age groups. The impactful colour scheme, as well as the large range of equipment including a large rope structure, 8 seater rocker, community swing, and more, make it hard to miss.

Project Overview

Wyndham Vale, Vic

Client: Tract Consultants

Bright coloured petrol station themed playground abundant with play value for children of all ages.

Fun theme and aesthetic

The most unique thing about this playground is its aesthetics. It features a red, orange and yellow petrol station theme complete with a petrol bowser panel and footpath ‘roads’ designed to encourage imaginative play. This unusual theme is a smart way to add interest to the space whilst the bright colour scheme increases the visibility of the play unit from the surrounding housing estate.

Project Showcase - Jubilee Park 22

Something for everyone

The unit was designed with several levels each featuring different experiences and play elements. The different heights allow for a wide range of play elements to be incorporated while catering to a range of age groups and abilities. The bright yellow, red and orange play elements provide a colourful feature and dedicated areas of matching understurfacing rubber to allow access for all abilities.

Project Showcase - Jubilee Park5

Bright coloured powdercoating

This large combination unit is constructed in the steel-based spectrum+ style and utilises its great potential for the effective use of colour. The warm colour pallet was carefully selected and spread across the unit to create a truly eye-catching and impressive look to the overall playground.

Project Showcase - Jubilee Park7

Challenging rope structure

The pinnacle+ Mt Cooperation Plus steel frame rope climbing structure at the edge of the play space stands at around 4.5 metres tall and affords little explorers an excellent view over the park. Rope structures like these provide an excellent way to climb challenging heights safely.

Project Showcase - Jubilee Park 23

The playground offers tremendous value for money as it provides something for everyone – a range of activities and elements, and has proven a hit with residents.

Products used

Special design spectrum+ steel unit

This project includes a spectrum+ special design play unit that utilises powdercoated steel as the main structural element.

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Special design spectrum+ steel petrol station unit

This project includes a spectrum+ special design petrol station play unit that utilises powdercoated steel as the main structural element.

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Mt Cooperation Plus Steel Frame Structure

Colour options

8 Seater Rocker

Colour options

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