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Lucas Platinum Park


Vibrant, Customised & Australian Made

Located in Ballarat's newest residential housing development, Lucas Estate, the new Lucas Platinum Park playground stands out with its vibrant lime green colour scheme and high, visually striking roofs. This playground is one of two within the estate that adventure+ designed and manufactured for developer Integra Group and PLOT Landscape Architects.

Project Overview

Lucas, Vic

Client: Plot Landscape Architects

A large customised playground with a vibrant lime green colours scheme and high, visually striking roofs.

Standard play unit design

Over the past couple of years, adventure+ has worked collaboratively with PLOT Landscape Architects to develop the playgrounds at Lucas Estate. Following the success of the estate’s first playground at Lucas Central Park, PLOT re-engaged adventure+ to complete a smaller yet no less exciting project at Lucas Platinum Park.

The design of this playground is based on a standard combination unit design, the Sheffield Play Unit. This play unit design includes three main clusters, a spiral tunnel slide, monkey bars, swings, a climbing net, and other fun features. Most importantly, it catered to all age groups and was visually impactful with large roofs and high elevated platforms. It ticked a lot of boxes for our client.

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Community playground for everyone

Customisation brings look together

With a particular look in mind and a site to fit within, adventure+ was able to customise the standard play unit to get it exactly right.

Firstly, this included changing components and play activities, including the location of the slides to ensure the design fitted the proposed site. Secondly was tweaking elements to improve aesthetics. This involved customising the colours, incorporating timber guardrailing and even changing the style of the roofs to match the shelters adjacent to the play area.

The beauty of customising for the client was the allowance to add their own individual touch, which also meant the playground was different to other playgrounds installed within the region.

Australian made playground

Thinking about the total cost of ownership is important when selecting playground equipment. This was an important consideration, especially when the developer will in due course hand the project over to the council to maintain.

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Australian made playground equipment

By installing Australian made equipment that suits our Australian climate, you can be sure of reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of the playground. Replacement parts will be readily available from adventure+, which future proofs the park for ease of maintenance. 

Products used

Custom spectrum+ play unit

This project includes a custom spectrum+ design play unit that utilises powdercoated steel as the main structural element.

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Community Swing Frame - Triple

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Mini 2 Seat Rocker

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