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Niblick Park


Eye catching & uniquely challenging

The beautiful new playground at Niblick Park is not only a fun place to play but also an attractive feature for the local community to enjoy. Working closely to Lark Landscape Architecture & Urban Design's vision, the adventure+ design team were able to produce a design that went above and beyond to fulfil the requirements.

Project Overview

Sandhurst, Vic

Client: Lark Landscape Architecture & Urban Design

An architectural statement, a fun playground and a huge hit with the local community.

Striking angled uprights

One of the main features of the play unit at Niblick Park is the use of angled uprights, which adds a unique perspective and creates a point of difference. Unlike typical playgrounds with vertical uprights, the bold approach of the angled uprights adds visual interest and provides a sense of depth and dimension, making the play unit more engaging and exciting to explore.

Project Showcase - Niblick Park5

Challenging ninja course

For the older kids who are up for a challenge, there is a thrilling Ninja Course waiting to be conquered. Complete with a formidable Warped Wall and two Rectangle Trampolines, this course offers a diversity of play elements that will keep the children entertained for hours. Whether they’re testing their strength and agility on the Warped Wall or bouncing to new heights on the trampolines, these older kids are sure to have an exhilarating time at Niblick Park.

Project Showcase - Niblick Park6

Colour as a design element

The use of colour was another significant design element. The decision to add pops of green and red to the blue playground gives a very effective result.  It gives the playground a very modern and quirky feel and makes it an appealing architectural statement in this beautiful estate.

Constructing the playground on a mound was not only a brilliant strategy to enhance the play structure, but it also adds an additional playful element to the overall design.

Project Showcase - Niblick Park8

Products used

Special design spectrum+ hybrid play unit

This project includes a spectrum+ hybrid special design play unit that beauty of timber with the strength of steel.

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Special design spectrum+ ninja course play unit

This project includes a spectrum+ special design ninja course play unit that utilises powdercoated steel as the main structural element.

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Gforce Carousel

Colour options

Trampoline Rectangle

Colour options

Community Swing Frame - Triple

Colour options

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