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Comprehensive Guide to Designing Commercial Playgrounds

Designing commercial playgrounds across Australia

Playgrounds hold a special place in the hearts of children. For many, they provide a dynamic environment that encourages social interaction, exploration and physical activity. With locations throughout Australia, adventure+ playgrounds prioritise safety while promoting age-appropriate play and activity for children.

Whether you need an adventure playground in Melbourne, Adelaide or any other Australian city, our expertise in playground equipment will help you. Let us walk you through the essentials of playground design with adventure+.

Site assessment to maximise adventure potential

Before embarking on the design process, a thorough site assessment is conducted. When designing a commercial playground tailored to your needs, our consultants will take into account the unique features of each site, including available space, landscape, sunlight exposure and any existing infrastructure. Our initial site visit is the perfect opportunity to discuss your desired design, shade options and under surfacing.

Our design stage involves detailed 3D illustrations, plans and costings for your custom playground design. We pride ourselves on making the process as smooth as possible for you whilst providing a design that fits your budget, is aesthetically pleasing and age-appropriate.

Guide to Commercial Playground Design Across Australia2

Playground equipment to spark imagination

Choosing the right commercial play equipment is key to creating an engaging play environment that fires up the imagination.

Our range of commercial grade playground equipment is designed and crafted to inspire play, stimulate creativity and encourage children to interact, socialise and engage with each other.

We’ve got something for all children, regardless of their age or ability. Among our products, you will find exciting playground climbing structures, thrilling swings and challenging obstacle courses.

With our informative guidance and expertise, we’ll empower you to pick the best equipment, establishing your new playground as the destination for memorable play experiences. Your playground will become a standout attraction.

Guide to Commercial Playground Design Across Australia3

Safety first to ensure a secure play environment

While we focus on fun and play in our playground designs, we ensure all of our projects meet Australian Standards for Playground Equipment and Surfacing. Our rigorous safety measures include impact-absorbing surfaces, solid fastenings and equipment suitable for each age group.

By putting the wellbeing of children front and centre, we inspire trust in parents and guardians who come to your playground.

Tailored solutions for unique audiences

With adventure+ customisation options, no two playgrounds have to be the same. Each playground layout design should be tailored to suit its specific audience. We understand your unique needs, whether you’re designing for a community park, school or daycare.

The developmental needs of children is an important consideration when creating play equipment that gets their senses buzzing, boosts their cognitive abilities and promotes physical development. With our expertise, we establish your playground as a destination for unforgettable play experiences that parents can trust. Almost all elements of an adventure+ playground unit can be customised. A tailored layout can be designed for your project, ensuring there are no wasted spaces in your playground. From there, we can customise the colours, materials and unique style of the equipment. There are truly endless possibilities and our experienced consultants are there to guide you through this process.

A smooth playground journey: Comprehensive services

Our comprehensive services make building a playground a breeze, giving you peace of mind from the get-go. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from the initial consultation and playground layout design phase right through to the installation, inspection and maintenance.

We believe it’s all about collaboration, so we’ll make sure you’re part of the process. Put your commercial playground project in the hands of adventure+, long-established as a leader in providing play equipment for children.

No matter your location, your playground will be expertly crafted to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Get started on your commercial playground today with adventure+! Give us a call on 1300 237 587 or contact us online to dive into our comprehensive services.

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