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Chairo Christian School


Towering timber play space tripled

The new play space Chairo Christian School is a huge hit with the students. Initially reaching out to adventure+ to replace an old playground, the school was so delighted with the first playground that they decided to add two more units to the space. The exceptional work and dedication of the adventure+ team is evident in the quality and creativity of the playgrounds, and reflected in the school's satisfaction!

Project Overview

Pakenham, Vic

Client: Chairo Christian School

Three new timber play units for students junior and senior

Play value packed space

The variety of equipment caters to students of all ages. For older students looking to challenge themselves, there is a double tower unit offering a thrilling and challenging climbing experience. Those seeking a fun and active play experience can enjoy the double climbing cube unit, encouraging physical activity and playfulness. For the more junior students, the boat-themed unit provides a perfect setting for exploring and imagining exciting adventures on the high seas.

Project Showcase - Chairo Christian College5

Boat-themed junior area

The new boat-themed playground structure at Chairo Christian School showcases vibrant splashes of colour and utilises our innovative symmetry+ timber modular system to infuse the playground with a more inviting aesthetic. Boasting an array of interactive features, the boat offers two thrilling slides, binoculars, steering wheel, anchor panels, flag and a twist net that seamlessly connects the boat to adjacent balancing elements. Specifically designed with younger students in mind, the area also includes a cosy nest swing tucked behind the boat unit for added enjoyment.

Project Showcase - Chairo Christian College6

Climbing Cube Double

The second new playground unit is a double climbing cube with a wave slide, providing an exciting and engaging challenge for students. With its multiple climbing surfaces and thrilling slide, this unit not only promotes physical activity but also encourages social interaction as it is a great place for students to hang out.

When children climb, they exercise their arms, legs and backs – building upper body, lower body and core strength. Climbing also increases heart rate and improves agility, balance, cardiovascular health and hand-eye coordination. As children work to figure out how to physically navigate the climbing cube, they also develop their problem solving skills.

Project Showcase - Chairo Christian College7

Senior area towers

The school’s senior play area showcases two towering timber structures intricately connected, creating a thrilling play haven for students. These impressive units are brimming with an array of exhilarating play features, including a dynamic net bridge for adventurous crossings, a challenging rock climbing wall for aspiring climbers, a twisting tunnel slide for speedy descents, engaging activity panels for interactive play, a balance disc walk for testing coordination, and a myriad of other exciting elements awaiting discovery.

Every element in this play area has been meticulously designed to captivate and entertain students, providing a much-needed break from their academic pursuits. The vibrant hues of orange, green, and blue that adorn the timber structures not only add a splash of colour, but also enhance the overall visual appeal, creating a striking and inviting atmosphere. With every climb, slide, and leap, students are not just playing, but also fostering their physical and social development in a space that encourages creativity and exploration.

Project Showcase - Chairo Christian College8

Products used

Special design symmetry+ timber junior play unit

This project includes a symmetry+ special design junior play unit that utilises white cypress timber as the main structural element.

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Special design symmetry+ timber senior play unit

This project includes a symmetry+ special design senior play unit that utilises white cypress timber as the main structural element.

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Community Swing Frame - Nest Swing

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