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Glasshouse Christian College


Packed with play value

The new playground at Glasshouse Christian College is an excellent all round school playground, with a huge range of different activities for all age groups. There is a large spiral slide, a smaller slide, bridges, overhead activities and linking activities, just to name a few.

Project Overview

Beerwah, QLD

Client: Glasshouse Christian College

Playground packed with play value to keep students entertained for hours.

Balanced play elements

Glasshouse Christian College is taking student fitness to the next level with its new playground design. This innovative space is packed with elements that provide both upper and lower body exercise opportunities. From climbing walls and monkey bars to balance beams and stepping stones, students will have endless options for building strength and improving coordination. Not only will this new playground keep the kids active and engaged during playtime, but it will also promote a healthier lifestyle and instil the importance of physical fitness from a young age.

Project Showcase - Glasshouse Christan College5

Play benefits

Playgrounds are not just a place for kids to have fun and burn off energy. They play a vital role in shaping children’s learning and contribute to the overall well-being of a community. This playground is more than just climbers and slides; it is a place where children’s imaginations can soar, where they can develop their social skills through play, and where they can learn important life lessons such as teamwork and problem-solving. By providing a safe and stimulating environment, playgrounds like the one at Glasshouse Christian College contribute to the holistic development of children and foster a sense of belonging within the community.

Project Showcase - Glasshouse Christan College6

Centre mast rope structure

The new thrilling Activity Net Centre Mast Rope Structure included in this play space takes playtime to a whole new level. Students can experience a unique and innovative adventure that challenges their strength, balance, and coordination as they navigate through the intricate web of ropes.

Project Showcase - Glasshouse Christan College7

Products used

Special design spectum+ play unit

This project includes a spectrum+ special design play unit that utilises powdercoated steel uprights as the main structural element.

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