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Heathdale Christian College


Enhancing the school ground appeal

The two new playgrounds at Heathdale Christian College are packed with fun and challenging activities that provide developmental opportunities for all ages! The school wanted two all new impressive playgrounds, one for their senior students and another for the preps. Both playgrounds needed to be large enough to enable a large number of kids to play at the same time, coupled with a wide range of different play activities to keep the students engaged during their breaks.

Project Overview

Werribee , Vic

Client: Heathdale Christian College

Two exciting new playground units with a myriad of activities.

A play area for senior children

Not only does the playground provide an enormous amount of play value and cater to large numbers, but it also adds value to the whole look and feel of the play area. Using a bright colour palette that combines coated timber with red, yellow, green, orange and black powder-coated components the playground gives a fun and cheerful feel to the schoolyard. Huge matching brightly coloured shade sails above the playgrounds were completed by others.

Project Showcase - Heathdale Christian College v23
4 square trampoline combination complements the play unit

Challenging fun

Climbing is central to the senior student playground at Heathdale Christian College. Students have to navigate a labyrinth of climbing ropes and monkey bars to access the slides and other play activities. Not only is climbing a lot of fun but there are also considerable benefits to children physically and cognitively. Climbing develops the upper body and encourages younger students such as the preps and great ones to take risks and try something challenging.

Project Showcase - Heathdale Christian College v24
A large range of challenging upper body play opportunities

When creating a playground the most basic end goal is to have children engaged. A child should always enjoy their time spent on the playground. 

Project Showcase - Heathdale Christian College v25

An area for prep children

The bright primary colours on this play unit and the shade sail above make it exciting and visually appealing. The design team included lower platforms and activities for easier access to smaller students, this unit is a great example of a playground for younger children.

Project Showcase - Heathdale Christian College8
Play elements closer to the ground designed for younger children

The layout was specially designed to fit the unique site shape and works well to create a continuous flow from one activity to another. Items such as the monkey bar and burmese bridge are not only favourites that keep students occupied right through recess and lunchtimes, but also foster physical development.

Project Showcase - Heathdale Christian College9
Chain of components to keep children engaged

Including something a little ‘different’

A spectrum+ climbing cube was included in the school playground to add something ‘different’ that provides a unique climbing and balancing activity that other traditional equipment doesn’t offer. Although compact, the cube includes many play elements and offers enormous play value.

When children climb, they exercise their arms, legs and backs – building upper body, lower body and core strength. Climbing also increases heart rate and improves agility, balance, cardiovascular health and hand-eye coordination. As children work to figure out how to physically navigate the climbing cube, they also develop their problem-solving skills.

Project Showcase - Heathdale Christian College10

Products used

Special design spectrum+ senior unit

The project includes a spectrum+ special design play unit that utilises powdercoated steel as the main structural element.

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Special design spectrum+ junior unit

The project includes a spectrum+ special design play unit that utilises powdercoated steel as the main structural element.

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Trampoline 4 Square Combination

Colour options

Galaxy Wheelchair Carousel

All abilities

2.4m Climbing Cube Play Unit


Hexplex Play Unit


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