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St Peter’s Catholic Primary School


Engaging and tailor made to suit

The upgraded playground at St Peter's Catholic Primary School is packed with fun and challenging activities that provide developmental opportunities for all ages. The layout was specially designed to fit the unique site shape and works well to create a continuous flow from one activity to another. Items such as the monkey bars, spider web, rock climbing wall, spiral, and double slides are not only favorites that keep students occupied right through recess and lunch times, but also foster physical development.

Project Overview

South West Sunshine, Vic

Client: St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Fully customised primary school playground, meeting all requirements.

Encouraging active play

When designing the playground in collaboration with St Peter’s Catholic School, our team focused on selecting play elements that would challenge the students and give them somewhere to burn their energy during their class breaks. The playground includes rope activities, balance discs, a rock climbing wall and monkey bars to help develop upper body strength while encouraging active play.

Project Showcase - St Peter's Catholic PS v26

Designed with a wishlist

The St Peter’s Catholic School team played an important role, providing a wish list of products and colour schemes to be included. Using these selections, the design team at adventure+ produced a playground design that exactly suited the school’s requirements. adventure+ also completed the rubber undersurfacing as part of the project.

Project Showcase - St Peter's Catholic PS v25

Not only does the playground provide an enormous amount of play value and cater to large numbers, but it also adds value to the whole look and feel of the play area. Using a bright colour palette of blue, green, and orange powder-coated components gives a cheerful feel that, combined with rubber undersurfacing, gives a neat and eye-catching result. The large blue shade sails above the playgrounds were completed by others.

The children and the teachers are thrilled with the outcome.

Project Showcase - St Peter's Catholic PS v27

Products used

Special design spectrum+ play unit

This project includes a spectrum+ special design play unit that utilised powdercoated sttel as the main structutral elements.

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Trampoline Round (OLD)

Colour options

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