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6 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Playground Supplier

Why is it important to ask?

When choosing a commercial playground supplier, asking the right questions beforehand can transform your playground project from mediocre to magnificent! We’ve gathered a list of must-ask questions to help ensure you partner with a reliable and trustworthy supplier that will provide you with the best possible result. By asking these critical questions, you can confidently choose a commercial playground supplier that meets your needs and delivers a high-quality product.

1. Is your equipment made in Australia?

One of the first things you should enquire about when choosing a commercial playground supplier is whether their products are proudly made in Australia. By opting for playground equipment that is manufactured locally, you not only have the assurance of adherence to strict industry safety standards, but also local support should you need replacement parts or maintenance.

When products are made in Australia, you can have peace of mind knowing that they are produced under the watchful eye of experienced professionals who take pride in their work. Local manufacturers are more likely to use high-quality materials that are tried and tested in Australian conditions. This commitment to excellence translates into a playground that is built to last and provides a safe and enjoyable experience for children.

By choosing a commercial playground supplier that manufactures their products locally, you are supporting the local economy and reducing the carbon footprint associated with long-distance shipping. In addition to the economic and environmental benefits, opting for Australian-made playground equipment can also have positive social impacts. Local manufacturers often prioritise fair labour practices, ensuring their employees receive fair wages and safe working conditions.

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2. Can I specify specific components on the playground or swap and change out certain elements?

The ability to specify specific components or swap and change out certain elements to customise the design can significantly enhance the overall design of a playground. This level of customisation allows you to create a playground tailored to your unique requirements and preferences.

Due to the nature of some suppliers’ offerings, the rigid ‘out the box’ nature of their playground structure allows for little to no customisation. This lack of flexibility can result in playground solutions that don’t fit your specific needs and can inhibit your ability to create a cohesive theme that’s visually appealing and engaging for children.  

Whereas the modular system used by adventure+ allows the ability to personalise and customise your playground design and adds an extra layer of creativity and functionality. Elements such as slides, guardrails, bridges, roofs, monkey bars and linking elements can be added, removed or swapped at your fancy. This flexibility ensures that your playground stands out as a unique, engaging space that captures children’s imagination and encourages active play.

3. Can I customise the colours used on my playground? How specific can I get with my colour selections?

Another aspect to consider is customising the colours used on your playground. Customising the colours of your playground not only adds a touch of personalisation, but enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

With a wide range of colour options, you can create a playground that complements the surrounding environment or matches your organisation’s branding. Furthermore, the option to specify specific colours can also be a valuable tool for educational purposes. You can incorporate colours that promote learning and cognitive development, such as primary colours for young children or a spectrum of colours for teaching colour recognition.

Whether you prefer vibrant and bold colours that spark creativity and excitement or more subdued and natural tones that promote a sense of tranquillity, customising the colours allows you to create a playground that aligns with your vision.

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4. Is the playground equipment compliant with commercial playground Standards? Does this extend to your installers?

When it comes to playgrounds, safety is always a top concern. That’s why asking your commercial playground supplier if their equipment complies with Australian Standards is crucial. But safety shouldn’t stop at just the equipment itself – it should also extend to the installation process.

A reputable playground supplier will provide high-quality and compliant equipment and ensure a safe and reliable installation process. This means that their installers should be trained and experienced in installing playground equipment correctly and securely. By choosing a supplier that prioritises safety during installation, you can have peace of mind knowing that your playground will be set up in a way that minimises risks and ensures the well-being of the children who will be using it.

By partnering with a supplier that prioritises safety and complies with the Standards, you can create a playground that provides endless fun and entertainment and guarantees the safety of all.

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5. How long does the playground take to install?

Time is often of the essence when it comes to playground installations. As a responsible buyer, it is crucial to enquire about the estimated installation time to plan accordingly and ensure a smooth process with minimal downtime.

By understanding the installation timeline, you can coordinate with other stakeholders, such as contractors, landscapers, and volunteers, to ensure everything is in place for the playground to be ready. This proactive approach saves you from last-minute stress and ensures the playground can be enjoyed as soon as possible.

At adventure+, our modular system allows for the vast majority of components to be prefabricated in our factory, and therefore significantly reduces the amount of construction time on site. In most cases our installers will have your playground ready within a few days with minimal interruptions. This approach prioritises the installation timeline and our commitment to delivering a high-quality playground efficiently.

On the flip side, where the construction system requires the playground to be built nearly entirely on site from raw materials, the time required on site and therefore the downtime and disruption for you can be massive. Throw is some inclement weather and your project timeline can blow out to an unacceptable length, causing you a serious headache to deal with.

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6. What is your NPS score?

Lastly, knowing a supplier’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) is always helpful, as it can provide insight into their customer satisfaction levels. The Net Promoter Score is a metric used to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction and is based on the question, “On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?” Customers are then categorised into three groups: promoters (score 9-10), passives (score 7-8), and detractors (score 0-6).

By knowing a supplier’s NPS, you can gauge their customers’ satisfaction and whether their previous customers would recommend their products or services. A high NPS indicates that the supplier has a strong base of loyal customers with a high level of customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, a low NPS may suggest that the supplier has many dissatisfied customers who are unlikely to recommend their products or services. This could be a red flag and a sign that you should proceed cautiously when considering them as a commercial playground supplier.

Knowing a supplier’s NPS can also give you an idea of their commitment to customer service. A supplier with a high NPS will likely prioritise customer satisfaction and go the extra mile to ensure a positive experience. They are more likely to be responsive to customer needs, promptly address any concerns, and offer solutions to problems that may arise during the installation or afterwards.

In contrast, a supplier with a low NPS may not prioritise customer satisfaction and may not be as responsive or proactive in resolving issues. This could lead to a frustrating experience and potential delays or complications during the installation process.

Therefore, considering a supplier’s NPS can provide valuable insights into customer satisfaction levels and their commitment to delivering a high-quality product and exceptional service. It is an additional factor to consider when choosing a commercial playground supplier, as it can help you make an informed decision and select a supplier who will meet your expectations and provide a positive experience from start to finish.

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Give it a try!

When choosing a commercial playground supplier, it is vital to ask the right questions to ensure you get the best products and services. Questions about the origin of the products, customisation options, safety compliance, installation timeframe, and customer satisfaction are crucial in making an informed decision. Give it a try! Speak with one of our playground experts today for more in-depth answers to the above questions and any other queries you may have.

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