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Creating a Safe Playground: Best Practices & Regulations

Practices & regulations for safe Australian playgrounds

Playgrounds bring a world of excitement and exploration to our junior explorers, and while we’re all about creating thrilling experiences, safety is the top priority for the adventure+ team. As a safety-conscious commercial playground equipment manufacturer, we know that building a safe playground is a collaborative effort.

Ensuring playground safety goes beyond ticking boxes: it requires a deep understanding of the Australian Standards and full compliance with industry regulations. Our aim is to give parents and guardians complete peace of mind by providing playground equipment that meets the highest safety standards and considers activity heights, fall zone requirements, entrapment openings and much more.

Understanding key safety considerations

Crafting a safe playground means tackling several key safety considerations to minimise the risk of mishaps and scrapes. One vital aspect is impact attenuation, which is about how well the surfaces can absorb and lessen the impact of a fall. Installing impact-absorbing materials like rubber tiles or mulch can make a real difference in reducing the chance of injuries.

Age-appropriate equipment is also crucial for ensuring the safety and enjoyment of users. A playground should be created with specific age groups in mind, taking into account their physical abilities and cognitive development.

The role of maintenance and safety audits

Playground operators have an ongoing duty of care to maintain a safe and compliant playground. Our comprehensive services have you covered from the playground design and construction to assessments and safety audits. Regular inspections, repairs and upgrades ensure that playground equipment stays safe, reducing the risk of accidents caused by everyday wear and tear.

Conducting safety audits is another crucial part of maintaining a safe playground. Audits help spot any potential hazards, assess risks and put the right measures in place to improve safety. With over 35 years experience in designing and installing playground equipment, adventure+ can conduct your playground safety assessments and compliance audits.

Practices & Regulations for Safe Australian Playgrounds2

Risk management and industry regulations

Managing and mitigating risks is vital to playground design and maintenance. As Australia’s go-to commercial playground equipment manufacturer, we have strict risk management protocols to bring you playgrounds that put safety first.

Our playground design process starts with a thorough risk assessment, where we examine any potential hazards and put in place solid risk control measures. We make sure every piece of your playground equipment is well thought-out, creating a safe and secure play environment for children to enjoy.

Compliance with industry regulations is an absolute must for adventure+. We take pride in exceeding the Australian Standards for playground safety. By following the guidelines set by regulatory bodies, we provide B2B clients with playgrounds that meet the highest safety standards, giving everyone involved total peace of mind.

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