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Outdoor Play Equipment: Commercial Large Play Structures

Enhance Children’s Play Experiences with Our Large Commercial Play Structures

Outdoor Large Play Structures

Composing large play structures is not just about connecting a slide, staircase or ladder to some platforms and uprights. It is about composing them in a layout that is inherently valuable for play. At adventure+, we create play environments where nothing is left to chance. Combination units can be customised to include a combination of activities that can suit age group that you are hoping to occupy. Age appropriate equipment is important and where possible a senior playground with more challenging should be created for older children. A multi age playground is a great option to cater for all ages

If you’re looking for fun, safe and creative outdoor playground equipment, you’ve come to the right place. At adventure+, you’ll find an extensive selection of large commercial play structures that have become staples in numerous playgrounds across Australia.

We are committed to designing, engineering and installing combination play units that will enhance the value of play for children of all ages. Whether you plan to install new playground equipment at a park, a school or a commercial area, our large play structures make play fun for everyone.

Strathdale Park

Strathdale Park is one of Bendigo’s most popular parks, and City of Greater Bendigo Landscape Architect, Karoline Klein was determined to get the play space looking just right…and she sure did!

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Newcomb Park Primary School

With the existing playground at Newcomb Park Primary School looking tired and worn out, and far overdue for replacement, the school decided to work with adventure+ to revitalise the play space.

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Elgar Park

The playground at Elgar Park in Mont Albert North is unmistakably a train. It’s got everything – funnel, carriages, station platforms and train tracks.

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