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Chelsea Heights Kindergarten


Colourful fun for younger children

The new play unit at Chelsea Heights Kindergarten is specifically designed to suit children of the pre-school age group with easy access and low components. However, the fun hasn’t been compromised, with a range of challenging climbing and balance activities such as a scramble net and rock climbing wall. The underneath of the unit serves as a little cubby with a tunnel and shop window, items that kids always love!

Project Overview

Chelsea Heights, Vic

Client: Chelsea Heights Kindergarten

Perfect play unit for early learning centre play area packed with fun.

Bright and exciting colours

The use of bright primary colours on this play unit makes it exciting and visually appealing for children and gives the playground a cohesive look. The junior play unit features a staircase for easy access, a clatter bridge, activity panels, looped climber and various other components designed to keep younger children engaged and active.

Project Showcase - Chelsea Heights Kindergarten6

Beautiful White Cypress Timber

Like many other Early Learning Centres, Chelsea Heights Kindergarten chose timber because of its soft natural feel and design flexibility. The symmetry+ system was the perfect choice to utilise the natural beauty of White Cypress timber to contrast the bright coloured components and make them pop.

Project Showcase - Chelsea Heights Kindergarten5

Designed for early childhood

Like all playgrounds we design, we take a serious approach to ensure that the equipment design provides maximum engagement and learning opportunities for children. Play elements such as activity panels and easy access were incorporated with small children in mind while still maintaining some more challenging aspects for the bolder children.

The kindergarten is delighted with the playground and the fact that the finished product met all the desired requirements.

Products used

Special design symmetry+ timber unit

This project includes a symmety+ special design play unit that utilises white cypress timber as the main structural element.

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